The Best Boy Math Tweets Because Men Are Just As Delulu As Women

Just like girl math, boy math is a thing. Read on for how men are also guilty of employing a unique logic to justify some of their actions.

Kelly Corbett - Author

Sep. 28 2023, Published 12:20 p.m. ET

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The Gist:

  • Girl math is a term coined to describe the unique (and illogical) mathematical reasoning applied by young women to justify purchases.
  • It broke the internet in September 2023 and men started teasing women for it.
  • Now, women are claiming men are guilty of doing their own type of irrational thinking to validate their actions, known as boy math.
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Remember girl math? It's that cutesy term that describes the unique form of mathematical reasoning that we gals employ to justify why we need to buy that purse or how we're actually saving money by returning an item. Sure, it may not involve formulas, numbers, or strict logic, but it serves as an internal rationale for us to feel better about how much we spend and the purchases we've made. It is, in short, a coping mechanism.

For example, as one tweet reads "girl math is buying things with cash cause technically it’s free." Yes, that is correct because if your bank account balance stays the same, then you won't lose any money, right?

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Well, guess what? Boys have their own little math that they do, too. Boy math is a form of reasoning that may appear just as confusing as girl math to any logical and literal person. But unlike girl math, it doesn't revolve around extravagant spending or justifying purchases. Instead, it's a means by which men try to validate some of their ridiculous habits.

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Following the surge of girl math in September 2023, women started pointing out all the things men do that make absolutely no sense to prove that men are just as delulu as we are. Let's dive into these tweets to unravel the true meaning of boy math.

What is boy math? Woman have taken to X to define it.

Boy math is a coping mechanism for guys to avoid conflict, preserve their ego, and bond with other guys. It can also be a way to avoid responsibilities and make bad decisions. These are our favorite tweets describing boy math thus far.

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Respectfully, get over yourself.

Boy math is also saying "I'm sorry you feel this way" instead of "I'm sorry for what I did.'

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Beyoncé would be another story, though.

This ain't it, bro.

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This could also be cross-categorized as boy english.

Boy math is needing to go to therapy.

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Most male-led podcasts employ boy math.

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She's just not that into you.


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Lots of male actors love using this type of boy math.

You're the problem, not her.

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News flash: If you're not the only one in the bedroom, then you're not the only one who should feel pleasure.

The disrespect!

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Women don't want you or your money, fool!

Too real.

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