“I Want to Be This Delulu” — Couple Stays Together After Boyfriend Moves out

Elizabeth Randolph - Author

Sep. 7 2023, Published 1:28 p.m. ET

Moving in together is a popular tradition for couples in romantic relationships. However, some couples keep their finances separate and don't live together while still in a relationship.

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One woman announced on TikTok that her boyfriend was moving out, but they were still together, sparking opinions and suspicions. Let's get to the bottom of this and figure out the facts versus rumors.

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A woman on TikTok discussed her and her boyfriend’s “fun chapter” of living apart together.

Before we delve into the TikToker's story, I'd like to share my thoughts. Living with a partner has both advantages and disadvantages. While it's lovely to be around someone you love all the time, it's also challenging as all living spaces are now shared, and you must agree on meals most days of the week.

There will always be debates about what to watch on TV. Despite these challenges, my partner and I have never discussed the concept of Living Apart Together or LAT. Living Apart Together means a couple remains together even though they live elsewhere.

Despite its popularity, only some couples stop cohabitating to likely avoid the backlash TikTok user Maiah Police (@misssmaiah) received when she shared her story on her account.

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In September 2023, Maiah posted a “Make Breakfast With Me” TikTok while she answered a commenter’s question. The commenter asked why Maiah’s boyfriend of 3.5 years was moving out of their apartment after 1.5 years of living together and moving in with his “little brother.”

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Maiah also stressed in the video that the move didn’t mean she and her boyfriend were headed for Splittsville.

“It’s just a new phase for us,” Maiah cheerfully said while making some type of toast. “He’s moving in with his brother, and he’s always dreamed of living with his little brother, so who am I to get in the way of that?”

The TikToker continued saying she felt “now is the time” for her boyfriend to live his best life with his little bro now due to him being 24 and her being 26. She then admitted she was turned off by the idea initially but came around when she realized it would be “great” for their relationship, noting that she’s “very particular” and “has a lot of sleeping issues.”

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Maiah ended her short TikTok video by adding she believed she and her boyfriend would start using their time apart to create more “intentional” time together. Unfortunately, it seemed like Maiah was the only one buying what she was selling.

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Multiple commenters said Maiah may want to prepare for her boyfriend's “we need to talk” text.

Although Maiah was optimistic about her and her boyfriend’s next chapter, many users who listened to her story weren’t convinced.

Underneath the video, several commenters warned Maiah to run for the hills out of fear that she’s headed for a breakup sooner than later. And Maiah, I hate to break it to you, girl, but points were made!

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“I want to be this delulu,” one user stated.

“Cute, he made it your idea!!” another one said of the boyfriend moving out.

“He’s putting in the 2-week notice, girl,” predicted a third commenter.

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Unfortunately, most of the comments Maiah received were just as brutal as those above, if not more. Luckily, Maiah, the user, didn’t take the backlash too seriously and created several follow-up videos responding to the comments.

My favorite was when Maiah replied to a commenter calling her “delulu” by posting a GRWM of herself being delulu. Ha!

And judging by Maiah’s post, she and her boyfriend are still going strong and posting content together, so maybe a little distance was really what the lovebirds needed!

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