Woman Takes a Pack of Googly Eyes Into Walmart to "Stick on Brands" and It's Adorable

Chrissy Bobic - Author

Sep. 7 2023, Published 12:06 p.m. ET

Not everything you see on TikTok is incredibly wholesome, or even innocent in nature. But when one woman shared a video of her mom adding googly eyes to things at Walmart, it definitely fell on the high end of the wholesome spectrum. And literally no part of me is complaining.

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In a TikTok video, Bella (@belladavid1802) goes shopping at a craft store with her mom. And it's there that her mom declares she's going to buy a pack of sticky googly eyes, take them to Walmart, and "stick 'em on brands." That's exactly what she does and it may be the best mother and daughter bonding experience I've seen in a while.

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A woman adds googly eyes to products at Walmart.

In the video, Bella's mom says with a giggle and, according to Bella, a bit of a wheeze, that she's going to stick googly eyes on random objects at Walmart.

So when they pull in and park in the lot, she grabs a cart to "blend in" and not be so obvious. You know, as though a Walmart employee would actually kick out an adorable mom and her adult daughter for doing something so innocent.

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"I'm gonna get a cart and act like I'm shopping, that'll throw 'em off," the TikTok user's mom says in the video.

In the next scene, she grabs a package off a rack with a man's face on it and says with a whisper, "We got our first victim."

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The rest of the video plays out like that, with Bella filming her mom sticking those craft eyes on various products. There's an exercise machine with a woman on the box, an ad for shampoo with a woman whose googly eyes don't exactly match her luscious locks, and a unicorn riding toy with a little girl on the box. Just to name a few of her "victims."

People in the comments love the "sweet ole mother" with the googly eyes.

Although the TikToker's mom is a little wary of being caught in the act, the comments under the video definitely pass the vibe check. Even Walmart employees applaud the harmless gag, while shoppers wonder if the items they recently purchased, that had googly eyes on them, were the victim of Bella's mom.

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"OK but I bought a carton of eggs a week ago and one egg had googly eyes!!" One TikTok user commented under the video. Another wrote, "I don't think we live in the same state but we went grocery shopping and one of our products had some on it [and it] had us laughing."

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A Walmart employee commented that they might actually want to start a trend of placing googly eyes on things to follow in the mom's footsteps. Why not have some fun and make someone's day?

And someone else added, "Your mom is so cute! I would totally pick the google eye package if I saw this." And I have to say, I would do the same thing.

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Honestly, the sheer joy in the mom's eyes at sticking googly eyes on various boxes and packages at Walmart is enough to make me hope I see some of these at a Walmart IRL. Maybe it's silly, but sometimes, it's the little things, OK?

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