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Source: hbo

How Two Stars of 'Game of Thrones' Would Remake Season 8


Another day, another story about Game of Thrones sucking.

Fans who were hoping for an ending that tidily wrapped up all of the narratives for the show's major characters found themselves sorely disappointed.

And while there's a very decent explanation as to why this is the case, it doesn't make long-time viewers of the show feel any better about it.

It's definitely not strange that fans have some "better" ideas as to how their favorite shows could end, but it is kind of weird whenever stars speak out on how the programs they acted in could've done better.

Which seems to be exactly what's happening with two major Game of Thrones characters: Bran Stark and Daenerys Targaryen, played by Issac Hempstead Wright and Emilia Clarke respectively.