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Source: HBO

This Dark Theory About Bran Will Make You Rethink the 'Game of Thrones' Finale


Game of Thrones spoilers ahead! Read if you dare.

The show finale of Game of Thrones left many fans feeling all the feelings. But the fact is that Game of Thrones is over, and what we're all feeling, underneath it all, is some form of acceptance. Daenerys is killed by the love of her life, Jon. Bran becomes King of Westeros. Sansa becomes the Queen of the North. Arya travels West. Tyrion becomes Bran's Hand. And Jon...well, Jon ends up where he started: The Night's Watch. But of all the character storylines that were semi-neatly tied up in Sunday's finale, there's one that's left us feeling more perturbed than not: King Bran the Broken. We have a lot of questions.