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What Did Brienne Write About Jaime in the 'Game of Thrones' Finale?



While the last couple seasons of Game of Thrones were much maligned by fans, especially Season 8, there were a few moments in the show's finale that fans absolutely lapped up, even if they were few and far between. Some of these moments felt "planted" and "forced" and a lot of characters' stories were left completely unresolved, but a few, like Brienne of Tarth updating Jaime's story in the Book of Brothers, got special care and attention. 

So, what did Brienne write about Jaime?

WARNING: this post contains yuge spoilers, so, stop reading if you haven't watched yet

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After finding Jaime's very short entry in the Book of Brothers, Brienne sat down to make sure her boo got the props he deserved for all the good things that he did.

Of course in his written record there's the info everyone knows about the Golden Boy Lannister: he was knighted at 16 and joined the Kingsguard after killing Aerys Targaryen and earning the nickname Kingslayer.

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But Brienne had a few additions to Jaime's book. She wanted the rest of realm to know how Jaime was able to take Riverrun from the Tully rebellion without losing a single soul, gave up living in his own house and going against his family for the overall good of the realm, and even sacrificed his own right hand while trying to free himself and Brienne. Oh, and she mentioned that he died protecting his Queen, Cersei, which had to be bittersweet for Brienne.

Naturally, people had some pretty amazing memes for this moment.

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Sure, it was touching and gave some closure for both Brienne and Jaime, a character who started off as a total monster but ended up being redeemed in many ways.

But the moment also lent itself perfectly to a cut of Brienne writing something a little more petty in the book.

Which is exactly what Twitter did.

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Some had choice words for Jaime and the way he treated Brienne before peacing out to King's Landing.

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She's just trying to get the record straight. I really can't blame her.

The "S".

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Others thought Brienne just wanted to add a little bit of extra flourish to the boring old "legends" of royalty. Why did everyone in middle school draw this Stssy S?

There were 'Sex and the City' references.

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Can't wait for the spin-off series where Brienne writes for Realm Vogue and gets paid 4 gold flecks a word.

There were also memes of Brienne partaking in a bit of revisionist history.

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I know this show is a fantasy-action-drama, but this would've been awesome.

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Have to admire the perfect screenshot for this one with her mouth slightly open.

Then, you've got the totally random ones.

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They were rife with some obscure references — like this one from The Snowman, a movie we'd all like to forget happened.

...and some not-so-obscure ones.

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Variations on this Mean Girls burn book reference were all over the place.

If you didn't have to Google this one, then congratulations.

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You're an official sports nerd. (It's a reference to the movie Draft Day.)

"Sorry, I had to go see about a girl." - Will

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I can see Robin Williams' smile now at this Good Will Hunting reference.

Charlotte really went buck wild with these.

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This is a reference to a tweet from Kevin Durant to CJ McCollum

Dang, Brienne's got some career options.

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Although I'd imagine the courtrooms in the realm look a lot different. Just ask Littlefinger.

This one was just begging to be created, come on.

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Sorry Jaime, thank u, next.

Sweet Liger.

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Technically, it doesn't have spikes on its back, but whatever.

Get over him, girl.

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No need to chronicle how he likes the temperature in his bedroom.

Did she really have to try this in the official legend?

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I mean I can see how she's trying to form a chameleon-like shape,'s just not the time or the place for that.

"Have to find out!!"

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Such a persona journal entry from a noble knight. I applaud her willingness to air our her innermost secrets.

Then there were some who thought the showrunners wasted a golden opportunity.

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They weren't too happy with the fact that the final moments of Brienne's character in the show were dedicated to redeeming Jaime.


What do you think of Brienne's send off? Great? Or underwhelming like the rest of season 8?

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