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What Did Brienne Write About Jaime in the 'Game of Thrones' Finale?


While the last couple seasons of Game of Thrones were much maligned by fans, especially Season 8, there were a few moments in the show's finale that fans absolutely lapped up, even if they were few and far between. Some of these moments felt "planted" and "forced" and a lot of characters' stories were left completely unresolved, but a few, like Brienne of Tarth updating Jaime's story in the Book of Brothers, got special care and attention. 

So, what did Brienne write about Jaime?

WARNING: this post contains yuge spoilers, so, stop reading if you haven't watched yet

Source: twitter

After finding Jaime's very short entry in the Book of Brothers, Brienne sat down to make sure her boo got the props he deserved for all the good things that he did.

Of course in his written record there's the info everyone knows about the Golden Boy Lannister: he was knighted at 16 and joined the Kingsguard after killing Aerys Targaryen and earning the nickname Kingslayer.