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Bretman Rock Revealed He Has a Boyfriend in a New Video



It seems as though one of YouTube's most beloved makeup gurus and beauty bloggers, Bretman Rock, is officially off the market, guys and gals — the 21-year-old internet personality took to the social media platform on April 13 with a brand new video titled "My Boyfriend does my Makeup" and we're all wondering who the lucky guy is. 

Stay tuned for everything we know regarding Bretman Rock's new mystery man  — we're super excited for the YouTuber's reported new relationship.

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The identity of Bretman's new boyfriend is not revealed in the video.

After Bretman's usual YouTube intro, he starts out the video saying he "promised he would never do something like this," but continues, saying he is going to do a video of his boyfriend doing his makeup. The boy in question — whom he refers to throughout the video as "bube" and "daddy" — proceeds to do Bretman's full makeup routine, with supplies Bretman has laid out for him.

The mystery man then does the YouTuber's makeup with some guidance from the makeup guru himself, only showing his hands in front of the camera. His boyfriend's voice is super deep — some of the comments wonder if Bretman edited it, or if it's naturally that deep — but he doesn't reveal his identity at any point throughout the video.

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However, they're keeping his boyfriend's identity under wraps for a good reason.

Bretman likes to keep his work and personal life separate, which is why he's been secretive about his boyfriend's identity. Additionally, since his boyfriend doesn't have social media, Bretman doesn't feel inclined to put their relationship on display.

"By the way you guys, I know some of you guys are mother******* wanting to know who he is, and stuff like that, but let me tell you, social media is not the mother******* way because he really doesn't have any social media," he says. "He doesn't care for social media which I f****** love...and I always tell him this is a part of me this is my job... you aren't dating Bretman Rock, you're dating Bretman."

"As much as a great following as you have, I just feel like the internet can sometimes be not the nicest place to be around," Bretman's mystery boy adds. Seeing as they've been together for a year, per his Instagram anniversary post below, it seems like their relationship will be kept under wraps for the long haul.

Bretman does, however, explain how they met.

Without revealing his boyfriend's identity, Bretman recounts the story of when they first met at the mall. Apparently, Bretman spotted his now-boyfriend taking the escalator, and thought he was cute, before the boy recognized him and asked for a picture for his sisters. Two months later, they started dating. 

Apparently, though, the meet-cute at the mall wasn't their first exchange – Bretman unknowingly used to stop at the store where his mystery boy worked, and his now-boyfriend said it made him incredibly nervous. Was it fate? Absolutely, and we're loving every second of it.

Although fans are seriously dying to know the identity of Bretman's mystery boyfriend, it may be quite while (or an eternity) before his face is publicly revealed. Either way, though, we're incredibly excited for the happy new couple.

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