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Source: YouTube

Fans Call Out Influencer Nikita Dragun for Her "Rude" Comments Directed at Princess Mae


YouTube star Nikita Dragun is facing backlash from fans after releasing a new collaboration video with fellow influencers and siblings Bretman Rock and Princess Mae. The group filmed a mukbang video for the beauty guru’s channel, but the comments made by Nikita toward Princess Mae caused quite a bit of drama on social media.  

While filming, Nikita made some comments directed toward the mother of one that didn’t sit well with fans. Additionally, viewers called out Nikita’s BFF Bretman for not standing up for his sister.

“For the first time, I didn’t finish his video because of @NikitaDragun being rude to the real sister. @bretmanrock why the heck did u let Nikita to talk to ur sister like that, you doing that is funny [cause] you are family, but when it comes to other people it’s offending [sic].”