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These Bridezillas Are Asking Guests to Alter Their Physical Appearances


Some time in the last couple decades, weddings transformed from being a couple's special day to becoming a couple's excuse to transform into entitled jerks and make unreasonable demands on their supposed loved ones. Is it any wonder so many friendships seem to disintegrate between the engagement party and the tossing of the bouquet?

Perhaps the most outrageous category of demand brides and grooms put on their wedding party members and guests involves altering their physical appearance for the occasion. It takes a stratospheric ego to think one's desire for "perfect" wedding photos is more important than respecting their friends as they are. 

Take this surly Aussie bride.

Source: reddit

A wedding guest recently shared her text exchange with a buddy's fiancée on a bridezilla-shaming Facebook group — and that's definitely where these texts belong. The shamer wishes to remain anonymous, not because she cares what this bride thinks of her, but because she doesn't want to cause (more) drama with the groom.