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Source: Fox

Meet Season 10 'MasterChef' Finalist Bri Baker, Aka the "Plating Queen"


The MasterChef competition is definitely heating up! Season 10 of the reality series has brought together the fiercest cooks competing to win a cash prize of $250,000, and the chance to apprentice in one of their mentor’s restaurants. “I got doors opened for me at a young age, so that’s my responsibility to continue that,” said acclaimed chef Gordon Ramsay to Variety. Basically, this is every striving cook’s dream. 

Hosted by chef Ramsay, chef Aarón Sanchez, and restaurateur Joe Bastianich, these tough food experts will not settle for anything less than perfect. One finalist (out of the 20 home cooks) that caught our eye is 25-year-old cocktail server Bri Baker. The Texas native may be one of the youngest competing on the newest season, but that doesn’t mean she lacks skill. Here’s what to know about MasterChef finalist Brielle Baker.