British Woman Sees White Eggs for the First Time Online, Has Dozens of Questions

A woman from the U.K. had never seen white eggs before she made a TikTok account and wants her U.S. followers to hatch some answers to her questions.

Elizabeth Randolph - Author

Jul. 18 2023, Published 11:44 a.m. ET

If you’re from the U.S. and have had the privilege of traveling overseas, you’ll know that many other nations have different customs. Some countries drive on a completely different side of the road than us, while others prefer not to adopt the hustle-and-grind culture many U.S. citizens subscribe to (except for the “soft life” girlies, of course).

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In addition to the driving techniques and culture, the U.S. is known for its diverse food selections. However, one woman from Britain discovered that the U.S. had one food item she had never seen before.

On TikTok, the woman shared her experience of seeing white eggs for the first time after years of believing all eggs were brown. Her reaction to the pale breakfast favorites was too good to miss!

A carton of white and brown eggs
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A British woman claimed she had never seen white eggs until she saw someone else eat them.

While grocery shopping here in the U.S., many of us can choose from a wide selection of eggs, typically located in the grocery store's dairy section. Whether you’re looking for large eggs, medium-sized eggs, a dozen eggs, or an egg tray, most grocery stores have you covered.

Another feature most U.S. stores have is the option to select eggs with either a white or brown shell. I like to think of myself as extra fancy and really into my health when I buy brown eggs because they’re typically pricier than a good ol’ carton of white-shelled eggs.

In July 2023, TikToker Dawn Farmer (@dawnnfarmer) said she never deals with the same egg-buying dilemma as I do when she goes to the grocery store. On TikTok, Dawn, who lives in York, U.K., frantically said she “needs to know” the answer to a question that had recently gained all her attention.

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While standing in her kitchen, she said she would ask “the stupidest thing I’ve ever asked online” and said she “didn’t care” who laughed at her for asking the question. Dawn then explained she saw an “American girl” on TikTok eating “American eggs” in her video. Dawn added she had “never seen” eggs like the girl’s “in my life” and frantically asked why the eggs would have white shells.

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“The people of America watching this video, I need you to tell me whether all of your eggs look like this because it has baffled my brain,” Dawn said. “I've never seen eggs like this in my life.”

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Dawn had even more questions after seeing white eggs for the first time.

The TikToker continued asking her American followers the questions that needed to be answered, like my personal favorite, “Are all of them solid white?” and follow-up questions like “Is that just a brand?” and “Is it just a type of egg?” The vulnerable influencer then explained she had only been accustomed to brown eggs since that's all the grocers in her area sold in stores.

“Here in the U.K., our eggs look like this all the time,” Dawn said, pointing to a photo of eggs with a brown shell. “No different, just chicken eggs.”

She continued, “I've never seen white eggs, but they look spectacular, so please let me know, because my brain is fried by it.”

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Underneath her TikTok, Dawn received the answers to her white egg questions. Many fellow TikTokers watching her video from the U.S. confirmed most grocery stores sell both brown and white eggs.

Several users explained that the color of the egg can vary, depending on how the chickens who hatched them were raised. Others shared theories of brown eggs being a more expensive option in the U.S. because white eggs are thought to have a “bleached” eggshell.

While no one could give Dawn a clear explanation of why white eggs exist, the TikToker discovered they’re pretty standard across the pond. As for the rest of us still eating white eggs, we were reminded that America has a (food) problem!

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