This Person Walked Into a Subway Store and No One Was There — Not Even the Employees

A person walked into a Missouri-based Subway sandwich shop and found no one there — not even the employees! Here's what they did about it ...

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Jul. 17 2023, Published 7:05 p.m. ET

For the life of me, I can’t figure out who is keeping Arby’s and Subway in business. Don’t get me wrong, both of the sandwich shops have paid their dues. But where does Arby’s store all those meats? And since when is Subway’s $5 footlong no longer $5?

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Apparently, I’m not the only one who feels that the fast food industry is going down the drain fast. A TikTok video posted by @sactown619 showed a Subway location in Springfield, Mo., with no one in it — not even the employees.

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This good samaritan walked into a Subway but no one was there. Here’s what happened …

Not all heroes wear capes and this is especially true when it comes to hometown hero @sactown619. In a now-viral video, one Subway in her city looked more like a ghost town. @Sactown619 explained what happened in the clip.

“We walk in Subway — look, there’s no one here,” they said in the minute-long clip. “We've banged everywhere.”

After they noticed that there was no one behind the counter, @sactown619 called out for an employee.

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Since they didn’t get a response, the TikToker took it upon themselves to investigate and make sure no one was hurt. “Let's check the bathrooms, let's hope nobody is dead,” @sactown619 narrated the video.

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Upon checking out the restroom and finding no one there, they made their way to the back to check the freezers.

Much to their surprise, there was no one there or at the manager’s desk either. They called out: “Hello? [Is] anybody here? Hello?"

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“Nobody's back here guys … look at this. Nobody's back here nobody's at the counter — nothing. Everybody left everything.”

In a subsequent video, @sactown619 added that the apron on the floor even further heightened their suspicions that something had gone very wrong.

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They went on: “I was scared. I was like, d---, what if somebody died back there? You know, what if they had a heart attack? What if they got locked in the freezer?”

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Upon searching the entire place, they made the executive decision to call a store manager. Seconds later, the video came to an abrupt end.

While many TikTokers let their imaginations run wild, later, @sactown619 took to social media set the record straight.

According to them, they eventually got in touch with the assistant store manager, who rushed to the scene when they hung up. “She was there within about 10 minutes,” @sactown619 continued. The mystery of what happened to the store employee was solved, too. “The guy took off, clocked out, left the job [and] everything unlocked."

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In the video, they also addressed critics who accused them of staging the whole thing: “To the people that think I work there, no honey. I don't work at Subway.”

Since the original video was posted, the TikTok has accumulated more than 7 million views and counting. In the comment section, spectators praised @sactown619 for their good deeds.

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“Yo! As a district manager for a restaurant, Thank you for being a good soul! Checking to see if everyone was OK, and actually calling the managers,” a user named @doradly wrote.

Although the incident was “very, very scary” for @sactown619, they were happy to have been of assistance. “Thank you guys for watching my video,” they concluded the video. “Hey, good be done.”

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