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Source: Warren County Sheriffs Office

The Identity of Brooke Richardson's Baby's Father Is Uncertain, But Here's Everything We Do Know


In May of 2017, it appeared the biggest thing happening in Brooke Skylar Richardson's life was prom and her impending graduation from Carlisle High School in Carlisle, Ohio. But before summer was over, the college-bound 18-year-old (who goes by her middle name) stood accused of killing and discarding the remains of the baby she'd been secretly pregnant with during the latter part of her senior year.

Now 20, Richardson's trial began jury selection and opening statements this week. As the trial unfolds, more details about what transpired leading up to and immediately after the death of "Baby Jane Done" may become clearer. One major mystery so far is the identity of the father of Brooke Skylar Richardson's baby. But here's everything we do know so far.