Why Is Bryce Hall Feuding With Barstool Sports Founder David Portnoy?

Bryce Hall and Dave Portnoy began feuding over a podcast episode featuring Alexandra Cooper. Their drama explained, and how it has continued online.

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Feb. 8 2021, Updated 4:43 p.m. ET

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Just days after Bryce Hall called out rapper Lil Yachty for his "E-Er" lyrics about Addison Rae, the Sway star is embroiled in yet another online feud. This time, it's with Barstool Sports founder David "Dave" Portnoy.

Dave hosts the BFFs podcast with Josh Richards, who is a fellow Sway House member. He's also one of Bryce's closest friends. Back in November of 2020, Josh and Dave welcomed Call Her Daddy host Alexandra Cooper as a guest on the show. 

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While commenting on some of TikTok's top male content creators, Alex compared Bryce to a movie character. According to Josh, Bryce was so hurt by the comment that he will not appear on the BFFs podcast, and he no longer has any regard for Dave.

What's the deal with the Bryce Hall and Dave Portnoy drama? Their feud is explained below.

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Why are Bryce Hall and Dave Portnoy feuding? Their drama explained.

Because Josh and Bryce are good friends, they have similar platforms, and they promote several of the same businesses, it would seem logical that Bryce would appear on the BFFs podcast.

But, Josh told his co-host that Bryce was uninterested in going on the show because he's "hurt" about what Alex said about him.

BFFs listeners may remember that Alex compared Bryce's appearance to the character Sid from Ice Age.

"OK, no, no. Please, and I feel bad. I'm not just being an a-----e, I'm just saying no. No," she said on the show. "It's almost like he resembles Sid from Ice Age."

Afterward, Bryce said that Alex's comments wouldn't be taken so lightly if he had been the one criticizing the way she looked.

"Imagine the roles were switched and we roasted her appearance lol," he tweeted after Alex's comments went viral. 

He then did "roast" her by comparing her to a character from 2 Broke Girls. 

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Though Alex was actually the one who poked fun at Bryce, Josh explained that Bryce was upset with Dave. 

"So I asked Josh, I'm like, 'Get Bryce Hall.' He's like, 'I don't think he'll do it,'" Dave shared. "He goes, 'He's still, like, butthurt about Alex?'"

"I mean, he's just got it bad," Josh responded. "I don't think he's really fond of you, Dave."

"He doesn't like me?" Dave asked.

"I don't think so, man," Josh said.

"Since when? Because of Alex?" Dave asked.

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"Yeah, that kind of hurt him a little bit," the 18-year-old continued. Dave was then incredulous about how Alex's words could have soured his own relationship with Bryce.

"Come on," the pizza reviewer said. "He can't be that soft. That's tissue paper."

Josh went on to say that, for whatever reason, Bryce can't get past the podcast comments. 

"I don't know what it is," Josh said. "In his head, it's not a soft thing, it's more like [he's] not going to go and talk to a guy that he feels like may have been disrespectful."

Dave then referred to Bryce as "the softest dude ever," before adding that "nothing that bad has been said about him."

Their drama was far from over. 

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Bryce and Dave's feud played out on Twitter.

After Dave called out Bryce on the Dec. 10 episode of BFFs, the two took their drama to Twitter.

First, the official BFFs Twitter account tweeted out a screenshot that indicated that Bryce had been listening to "E-Er" by Lil Yachty on Spotify.

The 21-year-old directly responded to the tweet, and he confirmed that he had no interest in going on the BFFs podcast.

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"You're a very sad old man Dave... creating a podcast with an 18-year-old as a 50-year-old man for clout is an embarrassing enough insult as is..." Bryce wrote. "Don't even need to come on your s--t podcast nor even roast you lol."

On Dave's personal Twitter account, he shared a gif of Sid from Ice Age and he made fun of Bryce's TikTok videos.

"Are you crying? @BryceHall. I think Bryce is crying. Oh boo hoo Bwyceeee mad mad. All cause @AlexandraCooper said he looks like Sid from Ice Age. Advise [sic] — Less dancing in a mirror," Dave tweeted. "Play more sports. Stop being a p---y."

The Sway House member's retort called out Dave's age yet again.

"Shouldn't you be in a retirement home you weird old f--k?" Bryce tweeted. "I'd say play more sports but you'd probably pull your back out or something."

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Dave then asked Barstool Sports employee and meme creator, Vinnie LeVine (aka @Vindog56), to "attack" Bryce online. 

"It's time to teach Sid a lesson. I wish I didn't have to do this. I really didn't. But the kid has to learn," Dave added. "@Vindog56 ATTACK."

Bryce clearly wasn't put off by Vinnie's mission. 

"Oh no!!! Attack of the old people," he posted online. 

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Vinnie did create a TikTok account to make fun of Bryce. He also tweeted several videos with Bryce's face superimposed over Sid's body from Ice Age. 

"Guys... a team of 70-year-olds are making memes of me," Bryce wrote. "I think I'm gonna deactivate. My career is OVER."

In a twist, Dave shared a screenshot of text messages that indicated that Bryce actually wanted him as a guest on his podcast, Capital University.

TalentX manager Michael Gruen texted Dave an article link to Bryce's podcast. In the message, Michael wrote, "Bryce really wants to have you on when you are here."

Dave turned down the offer with a message. "Hey @BryceHall it wasn't personal when you begged me to be on your podcast and I said no," Dave tweeted above the screenshots.

When it was clear that there issues were far from being resolved, Bryce tweeted his final thought on the matter (for now). It, of course, included a bit of self-promotion.

"OK I'm done giving the old fart hole attention hahaha but it was fun, anyways have you guys checked out the new youtube vid?" Bryce tweeted.

Dave has not responded again (except to share a video clip of his podcast discussion with Josh). Alex Cooper also has yet to sound off on the matter.

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