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Source: YouTube

Which Post Malone Bud Light Seltzer Super Bowl Ad Do You Like Better?


It's almost time for the 2020 Super Bowl, and the best part about the Super Bowl is obviously the commercial breaks. One ad that's been getting a lot of buzz is actually two ads, and they're for Bud Light Seltzer. Both star Post Malone and the inner workings of his brain as he decides between Bud Light beer and Bud Light Seltzer in one ad, and whether he actually enjoys Bud Light Seltzer in another. Bud Light is actually asking the internet which ad they should air during the 2020 Super Bowl.

What are Post Malone's Bud Light Seltzer ads all about?

Bud Light wants the world to know that a new hard seltzer is in town (so White Claw better watch its back), and they're doing it by airing their Bud Light Seltzer Super Bowl ads before the Super Bowl itself to generate buzz. And the whole approach is genius. In one ad (#PostyStore), Post Malone walks into a convenience store for some Bud Light, but notices that the store is also offering Bud Light Seltzer. His "brain" shows Post Malone going back and forth over whether he should buy the seltzer or the beer: He picks both, obviously.