Meet "Boom Boom" — the Buffalo Who Broke Into a Home and Stole Our Hearts

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Jul. 19 2023, Published 3:44 p.m. ET

POV: you come home from a long day to find a buffalo in your house.

While this scenario may be unlikely for some, it isn’t for Hayden Kittler — a TikToker who went viral after introducing the world to one of the world’s most unconventional pets.

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A buffalo, affectionately known as Boom Boom, broke into Hayden’s front door and left his living room in shambles! Now, everyone’s dying to know more about the massive intruder, and Distractify has details.

So, what’s the backstory behind the buffalo that’s stolen everyone’s hearts? Read on to find out!

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Meet Boom Boom, the buffalo who broke into a man’s house and stole the internet’s heart.

When Hayden’s now-viral clip starts, it was clear that someone — or something — had broken into his home! However, he didn’t seem too concerned about the intrusion as he called out to someone named “Boom Boom.”

We later learned that it wasn't a pesky raccoon or possum that was in Hayden's home — it was a buffalo. And as a matter of fact, he was pretty darned cute.

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Hayden entered the home cautiously, gently urging Boom Boom to make his way outside. It isn’t until he tricked the buffalo with what looked like a bowl of food that he actually got him out of the house. Although Hayden wasn’t fazed by Boom Boom’s visit, the internet sure was!

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According to the bison rancher, this wasn’t the first time that Boom Boom had broken in. “He has learned to open gates and doors with his tongue. He is very smart,” Hayden told a commenter.

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Since Boom Boom made his debut on the internet, he’s acquired quite a few fans. Now, Hayden is asking that good samaritans help Boom Boom feel more at home — just not in Hayden’s home, of course.

Hayden created a GoFundMe in July of 2023 that will help build a sanctuary for Boom Boom that’s closer to home.

According to the TikToker, he’s known Boom Boom since he was first born more than a decade ago. After the buffalo’s mom died “from the birthing process,” Hayden’s family took him in.

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Hayden Kittler GoFundMe for bison

“Unable to live on his own, my family brought him into the house to care for him. He is now 12 years old, and the house still feels like his home,” Hayden wrote.

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“If Boom Boom were to become startled inside the home, he has the potential of doing infinite amounts of damage to himself and others,” the message continued.

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That’s exactly why, Hayden said, the massive mammal needs his own home to trample. Thus, the concept for the Boom Boom Room was born.

“The love and admiration for Boom Boom's deep-rooted relationship to the family home has inspired us to take on the project to keep Boom Boom closer to home by building him his very own sanctuary,” the GoFundMe page reads.

As of this writing, only $75 of Hayden’s $50,000 goal has been met, and it’s likely that the dough will keep rolling in. After all, with a face like Boom Boom’s, how could anyone say no?

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