Women Are Matching With Capitol Rioters and Handing Their Pics to the FBI

Mustafa Gatollari - Author

Jan. 14 2021, Published 1:50 p.m. ET

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Source: Tinder

A lot of people who decided to storm the Capitol Building and incite a riot while protesting in Washington, DC are now being arrested or pursued for police questioning — and mostly by their own hand. A large demographic of rioters used the opportunity to take photo ops, snap selfies of them flaunting government property, sitting on furniture, or causing damage to the building, and they were smiling while doing it.

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Two of the biggest examples of "they're not laughing now" from the riots are Adam Christian Johnson and Jake Angeli. Johnson, who was snapped grinning while walking off with Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi's lectern, was later apprehended in Florida. Angeli, who walked around shirtless in the capitol with a horned buffalo getup, is reportedly not eating while in custody because he doesn't have access to organic food.

There are tons of other folks who are being identified from photographs taken during the Capitol Riots, and many of these individuals have warrants out for their arrest and have been placed on no-fly lists.

It appears that the FBI is doggedly pursuing punishment against everyone involved in the riots and the Bureau is aggressively taking in any and all information that they can pertain to the rallies.

Including intel from people on dating apps.

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Source: Twitter

Women in DC are reportedly changing their political stances on Bumble to Conservative to match with Trump supporters. They then begin to pretend to be intrigued by the Capitol Riots in the hopes of getting those who were involved to provide videos and photographs of them partaking in the violence. Then, these dating app users hand over the incriminating information to the FBI.

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Apparently, there are tons of people who all thought of the same thing and are using their dating apps to help report domestic terrorism. Others are also screen capping photos of MAGA supporters who snapped pictures of themselves rioting the Capitol building and are turning them over to authorities.

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Popular online dating apps like Tinder and Bumble have also stated that they are banning user accounts that display any content indicating they were a part of the Capitol Building riots.

What's more is that since nothing is ever deleted off of the internet, people who participated in the riots are finding it more and more difficult to escape scrutiny, even from their own family members.

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A Massachusetts teen, Helena Duke, recently went viral for outing her mother who attended the Capitol Building Riots. The young woman says that she was kicked out of her home by her family multiple times for her being a "liberal lesbian" and noticed her mother's face in the riots. The story garnered national attention, mainly because people couldn't believe the irony in Helena's tweet.

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Her mother urged her not to attend Black Lives Matter protests because they may become too violent, but then appeared to be involved in a violent altercation that involved the assault of a DC police officer.

Helena named three people in her tweet: her mother, Therese Duke, along with her aunt and uncle, Annie and Richard Lorenz.

While many people are getting off on the idea that the grinning Capitol Rioters who began a kerfuffle for about an hour and were quickly suppressed are now coming to face the repercussions of their actions, it's important to note that many individuals who "stormed" the Capitol entered with weapons, restraints, and committed violent acts. There's also a suspect who placed pipe bombs outside of the Republican and Democratic party headquarters near the Capitol in DC.

The FBI's offering a $50,000 for information leading to this individual's arrest.

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