TikTok's Cake Check Challenge Is Proving to Be the Ultimate Test for Big Butts

Tatayana Yomary - Author

Feb. 25 2021, Published 4:32 p.m. ET

TikTokers TheHockeyGuys and TheBoyz_Tok
Source: TikTok

There’s reason to believe that TikTok is slowly taking over the social media world. Since the debut of the app, users have been creating short-form videos on almost every topic you can think of. From household hacks and dance challenges to activities for pets and self-affirmation trends, the possibilities are endless.

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It seems that every day, there's a new TikTok trend or challenge to try, and now, the Cake Check Challenge is gaining traction. While your first thought may be of the dance challenge that complements Rihanna’s hit song “Birthday Cake,” this time around it’s all about focusing on your derriere. Here’s everything we know about the challenge. 

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So, what does the Cake Check Challenge on TikTok entail?

In case you missed the memo, “cake” is a slang term for someone with a nice butt. If you’re thinking of an actual cake that you can eat, you’re a little off base. We’ve seen many musicians reference cake in their songs and celebs use the term as well to describe their rear ends. And now it has taken over the TikTok world. 

While most people believe that you can look at someone’s behind and tell what they’re working with, TikTok creators have come up with another solution. And it involves getting a little active in the gym.

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The Cake Check Challenge consists of someone lying face down on the floor as a barbell with heavy weights rolls above your body. The goal is to see if the barbell actually rolls above your body undisturbed or if it stops because of your bum.

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Many creators are pairing their videos with Nicki Minaj’s “Anaconda” track, Flo Rida’s and 99 Percent’s “Cake,” Erica Bank's "Buss It," or the classic track by Bad Gyal RiRi.

Once the barbell stops, the consensus is that you clearly have a big butt. On the flip side, if it rolls straight over you without stopping, you have a small butt.

While the trend seems to be pretty silly, both men and women are getting in on the fun. Groups of guys have been uploading videos in droves and are making it an actual competition. The trend has already garnered 25.8 million views on TikTok.

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The Cake Check Challenge has arguably become one of the biggest gym phenomenons.

It’s not news that once a TikTok challenge gains some traction, it’s only a matter of time before you see it everywhere. And with creators of all ages and sizes getting in on the fun, it's safe to say that the Cake Check Challenge is a phenomenon. It's also influencing people to head to the gym, which is always a plus.

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And TikTokers @TheHockeyGuys are one of many leading the charge. Their Cake Check Challenge video already has almost 233,000 views. And it’s being debated that the guys are trying to prove that hockey players have great butts.

Another TikTok account, @TheBoyz_Tok, is also showing what they’re working with. While it’s still a guess on whether or not the boys are trying to grow bigger bums, the craze is getting the attention of users. 

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And the videos keep on coming. We're seeing creators of all ages jumping on the bandwagon. And while some people are using big weights, some are switching things up in size. 

It seems like we can definitely expect this challenge to continue growing. Pop culture has become infatuated with big behinds and the Cake Check Challenge is adding to the conversation. 

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