TikTok's Call Your Dog Challenge Is a Funny Way to Play With Your Furry Friends

TikTok's Call Your Dog Challenge is the latest sensation. It's a fun way to play with your furry friends and make memories. Details inside.

Tatayana Yomary - Author

Feb. 24 2021, Published 4:38 p.m. ET

Call Your Dog Challenge
Source: TikTok

It’s no surprise that dogs are one of the most popular pets to have. Not only are they great for providing companionship, but they also help to keep you safe. Many people make it a point to treat their dogs like children, which sometimes means playing tricks and pranks on their furry friends.

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With that in mind, you're probably familiar with some of the pet challenges on TikTok. From the Dogs React Challenge to The Hide and Seek Blanket Challenge, there are plenty of ways to have fun with your pets. However, there is a new challenge — the Call Your Dog Challenge — that has completely taken the social app by storm. And of course, it’s driving dogs all over the world crazy.

So, what is the Call Your Dog TikTok Challenge all about?

The Call your Dog TikTok challenge is a hilarious way to have some fun with your fur baby. While other challenges involve using props and other tools to get in on the fun, this challenge is as simple as it gets.

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minidoodlebentley tiktok
Source: TikTok

The challenge consists of calling your dog’s name repeatedly as they sit right next to you. This will allow you to see how they react when their name is called over and over. While it doesn’t seem like much, some of the results are seriously funny.

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TikTok User Sammy Gorman has one of the funniest videos on the app. She does the challenge with her small fur baby Finn — a Shih Tzu poodle mix — and his reaction is priceless.

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As she calls his name the first time, he looks up at her. The second time she says Finn's name, he continues to look up at her. After the third time, the cute pup walks around and stands at the side of her face pouting. As she continues, he eventually gets in front of her face, as if he’s saying, “I don’t know what else you want me to do.” LOL!

And TikTokers have been eating up the video. Many people commented how adorable fur baby Finn is and that he probably thought that she couldn’t see him.

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Like many TikTok challenges, the Call Your Dog Challenge has become a viral phenomenon.

You already know how it goes in the TikTok world. Once a super-cute doggy challenge hits the app, people naturally gravitate toward the trend. That’s definitely been the case for the Call Your Dog Challenge.

Source: TikTok
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The app has thousands of videos of the challenge hitting the feed. Many of these videos have garnered close to a million views on the app.

While it may seem a bit mean to bother your dog with this challenge, it is really cute and funny to see how these fur babies respond.

Some dogs start to look around and shake their heads. Other pups simply place their paw in their human's hands or got into the laps of their owners and stared into their faces. In some instances, the dog has even jumped up and licked their human’s face.

Since the Call Your Dog Challenge is one of many trends that are geared toward our furry friends, we can bet that it won’t be the last. 

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