The TikTok Trash Bag Hack Is Changing the Way We Handle Household Trash Cans

The TikTok trash bag hack is taking social media by storm. People are realizing that they have been handling trash bags all wrong.

Tatayana Yomary - Author

Feb. 11 2021, Published 2:21 p.m. ET

TikTokers StoredSimply and Edieobanion
Source: TikTok

Where would we be without innovative, yet simple life hacks? We can all agree that some things in life are much simpler than we could ever imagine — with the right hacks, of course. A lot of those hacks deal with everyday chores we handle around the house. And thanks to TikTok, the right way to handle trash bags has gone viral. 

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Over the last couple of months, TikTok has become the hub for cool dance challenges. However, scrolling through various hashtags can actually help you simplify your life. And the trash bag hack is living proof since the overall idea of placing trash bags into a trash can is pretty simple. Prepare for your mind to be blown!

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The viral TikTok trash bag hack has redefined the way we will handle trash bags.

We can all agree that not much thought goes into placing a trash bag into a trash can. You remove it from the packaging, shake it out, and carefully place it taut around the edge of the can and push it in on the inside. However, it turns out we've all been handling our trash bags wrong the whole time. 

According to TikToker StoredSimply, there has been an easier way to place our trash bags in the can all along. As she demonstrated how we all normally place trash cans in the can, she explained that it's wrong because of how the trash bag is initially placed in its packaging.

"The seam is inside out," she explains on TikTok. "So you have to put it on like a hat," when placing it on your trash can.

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So, you can kiss the days of the shakeout goodbye. Start by opening up the bag. Place the open trash bag around the top of the trash can. Once it's taut, simply push inside of the trash bag to make room for your garbage. 

As a result, this flips your trash bag right-side-out and avoids all the noise. One word: genius! 

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As you can imagine, social media is amazed by the new development. After all, everyone loves a good life hack. Many people are anticipating the next time they have to stick a new trash bag into their trash can so they can try the hack just to see if it works. 

Naturally, the news of the trash bag hack is spreading like wildfire. Many social media users have shared that they've tried it on their own and have given their seal of approval.

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And of course, many people have posted videos of their own trying out the hack.

One thing about TikTok? Everyone is always willing to try a new hack or serve up their own rendition of a viral challenge. And when it comes to the trash bag hack, TikTokers are getting in on the action. 

Try-out videos of the trash bag hack are quickly being added to the social media platform. In fact, some videos have even seen up to 300,000 views and counting. 

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And while this new hack is a game-changer, many people have claimed that the trash will be put outside no matter what so there's no need for the excitement. However, the major benefit of this hack is eliminating the annoying noise of shaken plastic bags. And that sounds like a major win to us. 

If you love the idea of innovative life hacks, StoredSimply has tons of videos you will enjoy. And with all of this enthusiasm about the trash bag method, it's only a matter of time before the account goes viral again. 

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