A List of Passive-Aggressive Campsite Rules Includes No Charging Your Phones

An odd list of campsite rules includes no charging for phones but doesn't forbid phones. Folks on Reddit openly make fun of them.

Callie (Carlos) Cadorniga - Author

Jul. 17 2023, Published 4:48 p.m. ET

If you're going to go camping, it involves a lot of preparedness and consideration for your natural surroundings. Generally speaking, you want to make sure that you have everything you need if you're going to stick it out in the woods for a few days. That includes camping equipment, first aid kits, easy snacks, plenty of water, and all sorts of provisions that we're probably forgetting. While some people might enjoy going completely analog with no modern amenities, others might want to bring their phones.

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Whether you want a portable way to capture memories with a nice camera, need an easy-to-carry flashlight, or even just want to be able to call someone, there's certainly nothing wrong with bringing your phone out on a camping trip, especially if no one else is technically stopping you.

Unless, of course, you're on this camping trip that's being torn apart by Reddit. In mid-July 2023, u/superdope posted a set of passive-aggressive rules for a campsite that includes, among other things, no charging phones.

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A set of campsite rules includes no charging phones. The internet responds.

If you plan on going camping any time soon, make sure it isn't with this particular camp group. Though the name of the group or organization has been censored to protect folks' privacy, their nitpicky set of campfire rules has earned the ire of Reddit users.

There are seven rules in total, and many of them come with heavy penalties for anyone who chooses not to follow them. In most cases, breaking any of the rules will result in that person not being welcome to future camping events.

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Some of the rules sound pretty reasonable, albeit passive-aggressive. There's no alcohol allowed among groups with minors and respecting certain speed limits.

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  • However, some of the more tedious stipulations include:
    • no noise after 10 p.m., with earbuds for music players needing express permission from camp hosts
    • no post-camp reviews online
    • charging per minute past checkout time

    One of the most egregious rules for this campsite includes "no charging devices of any kind on the premises."

    To be clear, there is no rule stating that campers aren't allowed to bring phones with them to the campsite. It's chargers that are apparently forbidden. Campers aren't allowed to have any chargers or even charging banks on them to power their devices. Anyone caught with a charger at camp will have them confiscated.

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    Already, this rule comes off as redundant. Why would the campsite allow phones but not chargers? This rule defeats the purpose of having a phone since by camping's end, you'll be left with a bunch of campers with dead phones.

    Naturally, this redundancy wasn't missed by folks on the internet.

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    Other Reddit users have taken turns mocking these rules for their questionable stipulations, with many jabs being taken at the charging rules.

    "Why would someone's personal charging bank not be allowed?" one user asked. "I mean, it all sounds over the top, but that just doesn't even make sense. Like, who is that bothering?"

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    Others have taken umbrage with the campsite's noise policy, particularly when it comes to earbuds.

    "Not letting you listen to a radio with earbuds unless you get permission is insane," one person complained.

    Let it be known that according to this campsite's rules, anyone who comments on these rules is technically already in violation of them.

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