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Source: wwe

Lacey Evans Just Laid Waste to Indie Wrestler Camron Connors on 'SmackDown'


I grew up as a big WWE fan for a huge chunk of my life and although the inclusion of "Divas" in the organization's regularly scheduled programming is nothing new, it always kinda seemed like they were second fiddle, or just "eye-candy."

That's changed a lot over the recent years. A lot of the WWE's top stars are "Divas" and they've even got their own TV spin-off series, Total Divas

But is Camron Connors, who just recently appeared on SmackDown!, going to join the new Divas fold?

Who is Camron Connors from WWE's Smackdown?

For those whose consumption of professional wrestling is restricted to the WWE and tuned into SmackDown! the other night, Camron might not look like much of a superstar. She was treated more as a "jobber" or "enhancement" match for Lacey Evans, the Sassy Southern Belle who is making quite the name for herself in the organization, as evidenced by her blistering victory over Camron.