There's a Corner on the Internet Convinced Nick Jonas Can't Actually Play Guitar

Katherine Stinson - Author

Mar. 9 2023, Published 2:45 p.m. ET

(L-R) Nick, Joe and Kevin Jonas
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The internet is a deeper than the largest ocean, full of hilarious memes, cute cat videos, and plenty of strange conspiracies.

The latest internet conspiracy we're intrigued by? Some users on the internet are insisting that longtime musician Nick Jonas can't play his guitar.

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So, can the Jonas Brother actually play the guitar, or has he just been faking it this entire time? And why are some fans even considering this in the first place? (We don't guitar-shame over here!)

Here's what we know about whether or not Nick Jonas can actually play guitar.

Nick Jonas
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Is Nick a better actor than we thought?

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OK, so can Nick Jonas actually play the guitar?

Nick Jonas can play the guitar, and he has the cringe-worthy live guitar solo all over the internet to prove it. Back in 2016, when Nick was still a young bachelor, he got positively roasted for his terrible guitar solo during a live performance with Kelsea Ballerini at the Academy of Country Music Awards.

Ironically, Nick's botched solo (which he attributed to a brain fart on his Twitter) proves that he does play guitar. However, to be fair to Nick, he never once guaranteed that he'll always play it in tune.

In addition to singing and songwriting and being an imperfect guitarist, Nick also plays bass, piano, keyboards, and drums.

However, a recent video of Nick seemingly faking playing guitar had the internet in a tizzy.

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The internet still isn't convinced. Here are some of the funniest tweets about Nick Jonas and guitars.

Live solo performances are fleeting but the internet is forever — the Nick-Jonas-can't-play-guitar conspiracy has resulted in some hilarious memes and tweets speculating about how Nick is getting away with faking his musical instrument talents.

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Will Nick ever respond to the #NickCantPlayGuitar conspiracy theory?

Guitar-playing skills (or lack thereof) aside, Nick does seem to have a pretty good sense of humor when the internet roasts him about things. And even better? Now he's got a chance to prove his guitar-playing skills on Broadway.

That's right — the Jonas Brothers are in New York City for one week only on Broadway, playing all of their greatest hits from their greatest albums for their Jonas Brothers on Broadway show.

Although Nick hasn't directly addressed the internet's conspiracy theory about whether or not he can play guitar, he will likely have a few (on-pitch) guitar riffs ready to go in the Broadway show.

And as this savvy Twitter user pointed out, the context behind a viral video of a world-famous singer seemingly faking playing guitar is everything.

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Whether or not Nick Jonas can actually play guitar may still be up for debate, but one thing the world could use a bit more of is some good old-fashioned internet humor so we'll leave you, dear readers, with two more Nick-Jonas-can't-play-guitar tweets for the road (all jokes aside, Nick is clearly a skilled musician and this is all in good fun!).

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So three cheers for the internet conspiracy theory of the day, which will likely lead to more album sales for the Jonas Brothers, so in all actuality, while Nick may not be able to play guitar, he played the whole internet with the extra dose of free publicity.

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