Wylde Flowers Has Seven Romance Options, But Can You Date More Than One Person?

With the attention to detail paid to voice acting and a well developed story, 'Wylde Flowers' lets you date other characters. But, can you date more than one?

Sam Bramlett - Author

Sep. 25 2022, Published 4:01 p.m. ET

Can you date two people in Wylde Flowers?
Source: Studio Drydock

Wesley the werwolf is one of seven romance possibilities

In the new story-driven and fully voice-acted farming sim RPG Wylde Flowers, you play Tara Wylde– a recently divorced girl who returns to the town of Fairhaven to live with her grandmother and help her run the farm. What Tara's shocked to discover is that her grandmother is in a coven, so by day Tara's a farmer and by night she's learning to be a witch. While living in Fairhaven, there are seven people Tara could potentially marry. But it's hard to decide; can you date two people in Wylde Flowers?

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You'll meet the seven people you can marry early on because the game will give you a quest to talk to everyone in town. It's a way for them to show off that every NPC in the game is fully voice-acted. If you eventually become good friends by interacting with them often or giving them their favorite things, you'll see the heart meter next to their name start to fill up. Once it's full, that means it's possible to trigger a cutscene with them and go on a date. But not two at once, that would be a bit mean.

can you date two people in wylde flowers
Source: Studio Drydock

Tara Wylde has inherited witchy powers from her grandmother

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Who Can You Date in 'Wylde Flowers'?

The seven people you'll be able to develop romantic questlines with are Cameron Conner, Kai Hoapilli, Amira Syed, Damon Mthembu-Haas, Wesley Vuk, Giva Joshi, and Kim Izumi. All great, how could anyone two-time them?

I mean if you just want to experience every questline, it is actually possible to marry and divorce each of them in a single playthrough. The game emphasizes talking with NPCs. If you don't talk to your partner for a week, you'll break up with them.

Marrying and divorcing seven people in a single town might ruin immersion for some, but if you're a completionist that's probably the most economical way of getting the full experience without having to start a bunch of different games. Each of the seven people you can marry will initially get to a point where they ask you to dinner. If you reject them at that point, it's over between you two and you effectively block the questline. You'll need to strategize who you spend time with and in what order.

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can you date two people wylde flowers
Source: Studio Drydock

Damon is one of the people you can date in Wylde Flowers

There are love interests for everyone in Fairhaven, as well as plenty of platonic, well-written friendships. Will you be honest about your occult side with them? They all react a bit differently when you break the news to them and some of their reactions might surprise you.

There's a lot of magical connections running through Fairhaven, and some of the partners you choose might help you break the mystery surrounding the island.

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