The Stray Dog in 'Dredge' Is Becoming a Fan-Favorite on Social Media — Can You Keep It?

Anthony Jones - Author

Apr. 6 2023, Published 4:44 p.m. ET

'Dredge' Can You Keep the Stray Dog?
Source: Black Salt Games

While there are plenty of creepy fish and NPCs players can find in Dredge, the stray dog in the cosmic horror fishing game is the exception. The cute brown hound is part of the Lost Dog Pursuit, a side quest triggered after bringing it aboard your vessel.

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Since Dredge launched on March 30, fans have posted on Twitter after learning they can pet the little furry guy. But some players are curious if you can keep the dog in Dredge. Here's everything we know.

the dog in 'Dredge'
Source: Black Salt Games
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How to find and get the stray dog in 'Dredge.'

You can find the stray dog on the eastern side of Stellar Basin, one of the remote regions in Dredge. It will be on a shore near abandoned buildings, barking loud enough for you to locate it.

In order to get the stray dog on your boat, players must follow a series of choices to gain its trust. Below you'll find the list of steps:

  • Throw fish toward the dog.
  • Slowly approach.
  • Call for the dog.
  • Hold out some fish in your hand.
  • Pat the dog.
  • Leave.
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Source: Black Salt Games

As you wade through water to reach your docked boat to leave, the eager pitter-patter of the dog at your heels will prompt a choice to bring it with you. Doing so lets you add the dog to your Tetris-styled cargo, which takes up four slots as a square shape.

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How to complete the Lost Dog Pursuit in 'Dredge.'

From here, the Lost Dog Pursuit begins. You're supposed to give the dog to the Research Assistant at the Old Fortress on the other side of Stellar Basin to complete the quest.

The researcher has been feeling lonely, and the dog will help fill that void. As a reward, you'll earn a skill book for the trouble.

Then again, you could just keep the dog for yourself and skip the reward.

Source: Black Salt Games
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Can you keep the dog in 'Dredge'?

Nothing is really stopping players from keeping the dog throughout the entire game. In fact, developer Black Salt Games has made the dog "invincible" even if your cargo hull becomes damaged. It could survive just fine during your most dangerous voyages.

Dredge even has the option to say you want to keep the dog while talking with the Research Assistant. You will miss a skill book and have to organize your cargo better, but the game nudges players to consider keeping the dog if they want.

It's a neat optional part of Dredge that doesn't offer game-changing features. For some players, having a little sidekick across the archipelago could add to the immersion.

Dredge is now available on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

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