'It Takes Two' Requires a Friend to Play Through — Can You Play on the Same Console?

'It Takes Two' has been nominated for Game of the Year — but can you play this co-op title on the same console, or will you need two separate ones?

Sara Belcher - Author

Dec. 8 2021, Published 5:23 p.m. ET

'It Takes Two'
Source: Hazelight Studios

Released in early 2021, It Takes Two is a new title from the developers of A Way Out, taking players through the adventure of a married couple who have to work through their problems after being turned into their daughter's toys. Unlike most games, it's a staunchly two-player title, with one person playing a designated half of the couple. Can you play It Takes Two on the same console, though?

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Can you play 'It Takes Two' on the same console?

More and more titles are offering ways for players to complete a campaign with their friends, creating unique multiplayer experiences. Unfortunately, though, many of these games are not couch co-op titles, meaning two different consoles and online accounts have to be used to play with friends. While this is great for long-distance friendships and connecting with others from the comfort of your home, it does little to let roommates or family members join in on the fun.

'It Takes Two'
Source: Hazelight Studios
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Luckily, though, you and one other person can play through the entire title from the comfort of your home, as It Takes Two has a couch co-op feature. To activate the split-screen mode, all you have to do is select "Play Locally" when starting the game and connect a second controller to your console. You and your friend can work through the minigames side by side from your own couch thanks to this option.

Can you play 'It Takes Two' as a single player?

Unfortunately, you will need a friend to get through this title, as it can only be played with two players. That being said, if you're struggling to convince a pal to trudge through It Takes Two with you, tell them that they won't need to purchase the game to play it with you — and no, they won't need to come over to play it either.

When you purchase It Takes Two, it comes with a friend pass that allows you to send a copy of the game to a friend — free of charge.

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That being said, there are some caveats to this feature. You can only send a copy of the game to a friend who is using the same brand of console as you, as the title is currently not cross-platform compatible. It is, however, cross-generation compatible.

This means that if you have a PlayStation 5 and your friend has a PC, you can't play with them, but if you have a different friend who has a PlayStation 4, you can send them the Friend Pass.

To do this, all you have to do is open the game and select the "Play Online" option. Select someone from your friends list; if they don't have the game already, it'll send them a game pass to download it and play with you.

Unfortunately, there is not a way to be randomly matched with someone else — if you'd like to play the game, you'll have to find someone you're already friends with on your console of choice to complete the game.

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