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Source: Instagram

Candy Ken Is a Vibrant, yet Buff, Gender-Bending TikToker


If you've seen a Candy Ken video pop up on your TikTok feed and thought to yourself, "WTF?" don't worry, you're not alone. The actually very buff and masculine TikToker posts videos of him wearing flashy, usually ultra-feminine attire (think: Hello Kitty and My Little Pony and a whole lot of pink), and has amassed over 6 million followers on the platform.

His TikToks are... a lot to say the least. But who is he really?

Candy Ken's real name is Jakob Kasimir.

Candy Ken is actually Jakob Kasimir. He's a Berlin-based artist who is also an aspiring rapper. His entire aesthetic is just things that don't usually go together. He's very buff man who exudes borderline little-girly energy with his outfits — and his entire look is about contradiction.

He's a white guy who wears a grill. He accents his bench presses with Hello Kitty temporary tattoos. He takes on the look of the already-done buff influencers and adds rainbows and sparkles in a gender-bending way.