Toyota Salesman Degrades Female Customer by Assuming She Works as a Stripper

One woman is irate with Toyota after she overheard a sales rep making wrongful assumptions that her sister must work as a stripper.

Kelly Corbett - Author

Sep. 13 2023, Published 2:39 p.m. ET

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Here are a few suggestions to help men avoid coming off as a misogynistic:

  1. Stop being sexist!
  2. If you work in sales, don't make slanderous claims about any customers — especially women.
  3. And if you're going to disregard the above, then at least learn how to hang up a phone! Sheesh!
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If these tips sound oddly specific, that's because they are. One woman just took to TikTok to discuss a bad experience she had while trying to purchase a new car for her family business. And let’s just say that she did not walk out of that dealership with a new set of wheels, but she did walk out feeling absolutely disrespected. Keep reading to hear her story.

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After a Toyota salesman wrongfully assumed a customer was a stripper, she went to his boss. Unfortunately, he didn't acknowledge her at first.

A TikTok creator named Bianca Emma Figueroa (@esposatoxica) recently took to the platform to discuss the “misogynistic, belittling interaction” she had at a Toyota dealership.

For background, Bianca explains that she owns a business with her sister and mom and that they were in the market for a fleet.

“So me and my husband drive by, and we see this beautiful white Toyota match exactly the car that we were looking for,” she said in the video. As she goes in to inquire about the car, she is told another customer is taking it on a test drive. However, a sales rep informs her that if this customer doesn’t end up buying, then she can purchase it.

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After learning the car was still available, Bianca’s sister called the dealership and asked the same sales rep if she could start the paperwork. And it was on that call — which Bianca was listening into— that the sales rep made a colossal mistake. He forgot to hang up the phone.

“Me and my sister overhear all of the locker room conversation that [he] has with his buddies inside the office,” Bianca explained.

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The salesperson was heard saying the following: "Yeah, bro, like her family came to see the car. They liked it, whatever. And then this girl calls and she was like, 'Hey, I'm Krystal.' And I was like, thinking, 'What are you, a stripper?' And then she said, she owns a cleaning business. Oh, yeah. What kind of cleaning business? You know what I mean?'"

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Bianca, who was near the dealership at the time, decided to pay them a visit after hearing that the sales rep took her for a stripper and not the hardworking business CFO she is.

First, she confronted the sales rep, noting that "he’s over here, red, shaking in his boots."

Then she marched into the manager's office to tell him about the wrongfully misogynistic assumption his employee made about her sister. "He did not even flinch. He didn’t even look up from his computer to acknowledge what I just said,” Bianca recounted.

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tiktok comment car dealership assumes sister is stripper
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As she started to walk out, the manager yelled: "Well, what do you want me to do? You just came into my office with all these allegations. What do you want me to do?"

He finally gave the issue some attention and informed Bianca that he would speak to the sales rep and verify. Bianca claimed that that was how he should have handled the situation from the beginning. But instead, he had to make her feel insignificant.

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She ended her video by addressing both the sales rep and manager.

To the sales rep, she said: “Let me return that shame that you wanted to give to us back to you. You did not shame us. On the contrary, what you did was disgusting and downright distasteful, my boy. And let me just say, it’s 2023. There is no reason that we should still be having this locker room talk that you so desperately wanted to have with your buddies.”

tiktok comment toyota dealership salesman calling woman stripper behind her back
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As for the manager, she had this message: “I expected more from you as the face of Toyota and this establishment. At the very least you could have been a little shocked. But the fact that you weren’t let me know that it was a normal Friday afternoon for you.”

Bottom line: Respect women!

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