'Castlevania' Is Ending but the Universe Could Live on in a Spinoff

'Castlevania' isn't going to come back for a fifth season, but that doesn't mean the universe is ending. Here's what we know about a potential spinoff.

Kori Williams - Author

May 13 2021, Published 1:46 p.m. ET

Dracula in 'Castlevania'
Source: Netflix

The animated Netflix series Castlevania is based on the Japanese video game of the same name — and if you're into vampires, demons, and witchcraft, this is the show for you. Castlevania follows Count Dracula after his wife is falsely accused of witchcraft and is burned at the stake. Afterward, Count Dracula summons an army of demons to exact his revenge.

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Full of despair from his wife's wrongful death, Dracula declares that the people in the land of Wallachia will pay with their lives. Castlevania has been streaming for four seasons and fans are looking forward to a fifth. But will they get it? It looks like there's good and bad news.  

'Castlevania' isn't coming back for Season 5.

According to Deadline, Castlevania will be ending with its fourth season. And since that season premiered on Netflix on May 13, 2021, fans won't be seeing more of the anime. Unfortunately, this isn't too much of a surprise since Netflix is known to cancel some of its biggest shows after their third or fourth season airs. 

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Alucard Trevor and Sypha
Source: Netflix

To make matters worse, Castlevania writer Warren Ellis, has also been accused of sexual misconduct by more than 60 people who banded together to create the website So Many of Us, where they have released a statement about their side of the situation. 

"We are a group of over 60 women and non-binary individuals whose utmost concern is the safety and protection of others like us," the website reads. It continues to say that they want to get rid of the systems that allow people to abuse power.

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"Warren Ellis, a New York Times best-selling author, comics writer, public speaker, screenwriter, and producer, has devised and continues to follow a pattern of emotionally abusive behavior documented across more than two decades," the website states. 

It goes on to explain that Warren has been using his "celebrity status and vast public platform as catalyst and shield to manipulate and groom targets under false pretenses, and to coerce private pornography and sexual exchanges."

In an interview with The Guardian, Warren didn't deny the accusations, but in a now-deleted statement on Twitter, he said, "I have always tried to support women in their lives and careers, but I have hurt many people that I had no intention of hurting. I apologise."

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Warren Ellis
Source: Getty Images

The world of 'Castlevania' will live on with a new series.

Castlevania is ending, but the world it exists in could return in a new series. The Deadline article goes on to mention that a new show in the Castlevania universe will bring forward a distinct set of characters and plot lines. This spinoff is cited as another reason why Castlevania is calling it quits. 

For now, there's no word on what the new show will be, but Castlevania shares some of the same creators as Blood of Zeus, as well as some difficult-to-ignore connections to Jojo's Bizarre Adventure. Our best guess is that the spinoff will be a crossover with one of these two shows, especially since Jojo's is making a comeback and introducing viewers to a new generation in the family.

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