'Jupiter's Legacy' Will Not Return for Season 2, but the Millarworld Lives On

The superhero drama 'Jupiter's Legacy' will not be returning for a Season 2 — but this isn't the end of the MIllarworld, as Netflix ordered a spinoff.

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Jun. 3 2021, Updated 1:27 p.m. ET

'Jupiter's Legacy'
Source: Netflix

Spoiler alert: This article contains show spoilers for Jupiter's Legacy.

The Netflix original series Jupiter's Legacy may be billed as a superhero drama, but it features storylines that go far beyond the battle between good versus evil.

Based on Mark Millar's Image Comics series of the same name, Jupiter's Legacy centers around two generations of superheroes who are led by Sheldon Sampson aka "The Utopian" (Josh Duhamel). 

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In 1929, The Utopian, his wife, Grace Kennedy-Sampson/"Lady Liberty" (Leslie Bibb), and his brother, Walter Sampson/"Brainwave" (Ben Daniels), formed The Union. They agreed never to kill anyone or to get involved in politics. 

After a century in which they have kept people safe, The Utopian's legacy as a moral and fair figure is threatened when his son, Brandon Sampson/"The Paragon" (Andrew Horton), uses alternative methods to protect the public. 

Jupiter's Legacy
Source: Netflix
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The series features flashback scenes from the '20s and '30s, when The Utopian and his team are in their prime, and moments in the present, when the members of the next generation are coming into their own. 

The dual timelines come together in the eighth and final episode, which leads to one jaw-dropping cliffhanger. The Volume 1 conclusion has many viewers hoping that Jupiter's Legacy will return for a second season.

Has 'Jupiter's Legacy' been renewed for Season 2?

When the drama debuted on May 7, it quickly appeared on Netflix's Top 10 list in the United States. Its presence in the top spot made fans hopeful it would be renewed for a second season.

Plus, Jupiter's Legacy represents a shift for Netflix into more superhero content and comic book adaptations. While Disney acquired the Marvel works in 2009, which stream on Disney Plus, Netflix now has the Millarworld collection.

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In 2017, Netflix acquired Mark Millar's publishing house of comics. The deal indicated that the streaming service would be focusing more on that type of content in the future. Jupiter's Legacy is the first Netflix series to be adapted from the Millarworld collection.

Unfortunately, despite the hope from fans and the setup of the Season 1 finale, Netflix announced that it wouldn't be renewing the show for a second season.

Jupiter's Legacy
Source: Netflix
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That being said, Mark Millar's universe will continue to live on through the streaming service. While Jupiter's Legacy won't be getting another season, Netflix has already signed on to create a live-action adaptation of Supercrooks, exploring the villains of the Millarworld.

“We’re confident we’ll return to it later,” Mark told Deadline of Jupiter's Legacy, implying that it may return in a different form in the future.

While there's some crossover between the two series, it's currently unclear if any of the Jupiter's Legacy actors will be reprising their roles for this new series.

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How did Volume 1 of 'Jupiter's Legacy' end?

While most of the family drama throughout Jupiter's Legacy was between The Utopian and his son, The Paragon, the Volume 1 ending revealed that Walter/Brainwave had been sabotaging his brother all along.

He had grown frustrated with The Utopian's high moral standards for The Union, and Brainwave became convinced that he would do a better job as a leader.

Though George Hutchence/"Skyfox" (Matt Lanter) was made out to be the villain, and he was blamed for Blackstar's prison break, it was actually all Brainwave's doing.  

The eighth episode, "How It All Ends," also revealed that Brainwave used his powers of mind manipulation to push the narrative that Skyfox was The Union's common enemy. 

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Jupiter's Legacy
Source: Netflix

The only person who discovered the nefarious plan was Brainwave's own daughter, Raikou Sampson (Anna Akana). She used her telepathic abilities to figure out that her dad was behind the plot to bring Blackstar back, but Brainwave slit her throat before she could tell anyone about it.

Unfortunately, The Utopian isn't made aware of his brother's villainous ways by the end of Volume 1. In the last scene of the season, Brainwave placed his hand on his brother's shoulder. The Utopian responded by holding on to it.

Volume 1 of Jupiter's Legacy is available to stream on Netflix now.

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