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Source: Twitter

The ‘Cats’ CGI Mistakes Are So Much Worse Than You Could Even Imagine


We all knew Cats was going to be a complete and utter disaster, but none of us could have predicted just how much of a disaster it was really going to be. Somehow, CATS has simultaneously surpassed and fallen dreadfully short of all expectations. It is a cinematic abomination, and yet, it may also be the one film everyone actually needs to see in theaters. In many ways, it is the most perfect film with which to end the decade. 

In a delightfully bizarre twist of events, it turns out that even CATS wasn’t ready for CATS. Universal has announced that, due to a bunch of Cats CGI mistakes, they are updating the film with improvements to the CGI. Even though it is already playing in theaters. CATS is already on its, like, seventh life, and things are not looking good.