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Source: Universal Pictures

'CATS' Reviews Are In, and They Are Gleefully Terrible


I can't tell you how vindicated I felt when the CATS reviews started pouring in and they were, pretty much without exception, so, so bad. The teaser and the trailers were viral news alone for the creepy "digital fur technology" used to fuse the cats with the human bodies of the actors. I was so worried that when the embargo was lifted, we'd see a lot of reviews like, "Actually, once you get past the cats with human boobs, it's a nice story." 

But that's not what's happening at all. The claws are officially out, and reviewers have been tearing the movie to shreds. The words that have been used to describe CATS are *chef's kiss* brutal. Here are some of the stand-out reviews and tweets going in on the biggest movie disaster in a while. You just love to see it.

"Mesmerizing ugly fiasco"

Source: Twitter

The Telegraph, where Robbie works, ended up running a fairly unprecedented zero-star review of the movie (written by someone else) that calls the movie "a sinister, all-time disaster from which no one emerges unscathed." Me-owch.