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Source: @walterbishopthecat on Instagram, @les_pinots on Instagram

These Cats Dressed up for Halloween & Their Costumes Are Incredible


Dressing up your pup for Halloween is almost a societal expectation these days, and TBH it makes total sense — although the average dog simply can't stand the feeling of those $30 Target costumes (Doug the Pug is an outlier), they never fail to look straight-up adorable.

This spooky season, however, felines are stealing the limelight by sporting the cutest of costumes. And in case you didn't know, October 29 is National Cat Day. Seriously, if you haven't seen these cats in Halloween costumes, they are seriously game-changing.

1. This Cat-vocado Toast

Source: @taratomahawk on Twitter

Everyone and their mother knows that cat-vocado toast is the basic betch's breakfast of choice. Don't lie — you could totally gobble up this adorable kitter in a matter of minutes.