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20 Super Clever Halloween Costumes for Your Dog



It's almost October, which means it's almost Halloween. And with that spooky day coming up, you know you have to have the best costume for your dog. One that's clever, well-executed, and maybe even punny. 

Not all dogs like wearing clothes, but the ones who do know when they look goooood. These pups are strutting their stuff because they know their clever costumes will get them all the treats. 

Paddington Dog

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Paddington Bear is the subject of many a childhood book and two absolutely perfect movies, and if your dog even looks slightly like a bear, it is practically your duty as a citizen of the world to dress them up like Paddington this holiday season. Clearly, it's the cutest thing you can do.


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Breaking Bad has been off the air for several years now, and if you, a human, were to dress up as Walter White now, it might be considered overdone, but a dog?! Making meth?! Amazing. Especially the goggles. The goggles are the best part.


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I love this idea because not only is it clever, but it also seems very easy to execute. Just make sure that when you take your dog out trick-or-treating, you keep him on a leash so people know it's a costume and don't get scared about a skunk running around the neighborhood.


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Just as with Paddington, if you have a shih tzu or a long-haired Brussels griffon, you are practically required to dress them up like a little Ewok for Halloween. Look at this little fluff monster!


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If your pup happens to be stuck in a cone of sadness for Halloween, just put a stick with two giant olives in there, and you've got yourself a puptini! This dog looks pretty excited about his clever get-up. 

Chick-fil-A Cow

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Newfoundlands are the best dogs ever, and I'm not just saying that because I grew up with them my entire life. This black-and-white beauty is already large enough to be mistaken for a cow, so they completed the costume with some ears, horns, and an "Eat More Chikin" sign. All that's missing is a bunch of bags of nuggets to hand out to people.

Hawaiian Airlines Flight Attendants

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This is hysterical. The flight attendants for Hawaiian Airlines have very specific, identifiable uniforms and they look exactly like this. And that tiny drink cart just pushes this costume over the edge. 

Pin cushion

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Raise your hand if your mom had this exactly tomato pin cushion growing up. Yeah, mine too. This pup doesn't look too thrilled to be dressed up as a pin cushion with a thimble on his head, but it's adorable nonetheless.


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A puppy piñata! You can't beat that! No, seriously, make sure no one thinks your pup is an actual piñata. But once that's settled, it's a hilarious and perfectly festive costume.

Doggy Krueger


Freddy Krueger was a terrifying being who haunted people's dreams in A Nightmare on Elm Street. But Doggy Krueger? Doggy Krueger comes into your dreams and cuddles you and licks your face. Doggy Krueger is the best.


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This pup is already constantly running around and jumping up and down, so why not put some very bright, '80s-inspired workout gear on him and make him the star of his very own workout video? Jane Fonda would be proud.


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Look at that little pug's determined face. He knows that with this suit comes great responsibility... to bust ghosts! Not going to lie, I would 100 percent watch an all-dog reboot of Ghostbusters. Just saying. 

Teddy bear

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She's got a face that's already so cute and cuddly. She looks somehow even cuter all dressed up as a teddy bear. I didn't think it was possible for my to want to cuddle a dog any more than I already did, but here we are.


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I cannot get over the sad, humiliated face on this poor pup who clearly doesn't feel great about the seal costume they've been forced into. But it just makes it all the funnier. Sorry, pup. 

Georgie from 'IT'

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With It: Chapter Two in theaters, you have to get your pup in on the spooky action! They make yellow raincoats for pups, so it's not hard to put together a Georgie costume for your pup. Bonus points if your pup poses with a sad face like this little guy.

Beauty and the Beast

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If you have two dogs at home, you have to dress them up as an iconic duo, and Beauty and the Beast costumes are perfect. The Beast looks majestic with that mane and that puffy shirt, and his princess looks like she is feeling herself in that gorgeous gown.

Hairy Potter

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This is a super simply costume to either buy or make yourself, everyone will know what you're dog is dressed as, and it's a pun if you call him "Hairy Potter." That's like a triple threat. 

Miss Chiquita

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This bulldog is dressed up as the Chiquita Banana Lady, and I have to say that I think this is one of the best photos ever to exist in the entire world. The costume paired with the dog's face is just a priceless combination. Just don't use real grapes because they're terrible for dogs!

Beanie Baby

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This is a perfect, clever idea for a costume if you don't have a lot of time or your dog doesn't love wearing clothes. Just stick a TY Beanie Baby tag on their collar and call it a perfect Halloween costume!

A horse (of course!)

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If you've got one of those adorable dogs with ears that stick straight up, give them a mane, make them a makeshift harness, a saddle, and hooves out of felt, and you got yourself a tiny horse! I love when animals are dressed up as other animals. It brings me great joy.

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