16 of the Funniest "I Hate Going to Gay Halloween Parties" Memes That Are Slaying the Internet

Social media users are jokingly revealing they "hate going to gay Halloween parties" because of their iconic costumes. Check out the memes below!

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Oct. 30 2023, Published 1:39 p.m. ET

"I hate going to gay Halloween parties" tweets are taking social media by storm because of the niche costumes.
Source: X / @jeffdingy / @MGlasgowGoods / @flamencolambada

There must be something in the air because Halloween costumes are really on point this year! We usually see several Halloween fanatics dress up as the same character, but things are different this time around, and we couldn't be more excited to usher in a new era! However, some people are not on board.

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As of late, many have taken to X (formerly known as Twitter) and jokingly revealed that they "hate going to Halloween parties" because of the undeniably funny and niche costumes. We saw so many of these memes on our feed, and we couldn't stop laughing. So, to spread the joy, we've rounded up 16 of the best tweets. Check them out below!

We actually kind of love this costume.

It's fun, it's different, and no one else has a Halloween costume like it!

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Um, where is her little hat?!

Despite forgetting the easiest part of the costume, this is one of our favorite Halloween costumes ever! The "big miss steak" meme used to run our lives in high school, so the nostalgia is definitely at an all-time high.

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This is such a serve.

If you want to make it an even better Halloween costume, learn the choreography!

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Let's face it: Lady Gaga is so iconic.

Most of you aren't chronically online, but we are — and that's why we are totally obsessed with this iconic Halloween costume. The pill and "Lady Gaga, actual patient" sign really complete the look.

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The mascara tears are everything.

Halloween costumes are getting so much more creative, and honestly? We absolutely love it! Seriously, who would've thought Jennifer Lawrence's memeable experience on Hot Ones would be a costume? Not us, that's for sure!

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This is the costume we had no idea we needed.

We don't know about you, but the sideways trucker hat and licking of the lips took us out.

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She's an icon, she's a legend, and she is the moment.

Melanie91 is an absolute legend in our eyes, and she totally deserved her own Gossip Girl spinoff.

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We really love the dedication here!

This is a super specific reference, and we couldn't be happier that we understand it! Anyway, here's to hoping this icon actually performed "Native New Yorker" and included Wendy Williams' hilarious snort-laugh.

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Michael Grim, the icon that you are.

He is the ultimate scene stealer, so we think Michael makes for a great Halloween costume.

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Ina Garten is the mother of all mothers!

Nothing would be better than gathering your friends and dressing up as everyone in the oh-so-iconic IGCU (Ina Garten Cinematic Universe). The person above wants to be Michael, and this cute couple has Ina — the wig is so good — and her garden down a T. There are so many others to choose from, including the love of Ina's life, Jeffery!

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Yolanda Hadid's fridge is the world's most famous fridge.

Although she moved out of the Malibu mansion, we'll never forget Yolanda Hadid's masterpiece of a fridge.

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This is one of the campiest Halloween costumes we've ever seen.

OK, this is actually a swan wearing a Björk dress, who's also wearing a swan dress — but go off!

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What else can we say other than "iconic masterpiece"?

We don't know about you, but the more we scroll through these tweets, the more we think gay Halloween parties are the places to be on Halloweekend. Like, we don't think anyone at the parties we attended was clever enough to dress up as legendary drag queen RuPaul on The Weakest Link.

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The resemblance is uncanny.

For those wondering, the quote of the day is: "He's a f--king battered wife!"

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Two words: Major slay!

We love this Jamie Lee Curtis meme, so automatically, this is our favorite Halloween costume of all time.

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They really are some of the best Halloween costumes we've ever seen!

All in all, we hope you love these tweets (and niche Halloween costumes) as much as we do!

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