Ditch the Traditional Character Costumes for These Halloween Costume Memes

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Oct. 6 2023, Updated 4:23 p.m. ET

A man dressed as a vampire looking at Halloween costume memes.
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Let's be fair, Halloween is a month-long affair where people celebrate spooky skeletons, jack-o'-lanterns, and their favorite horror movies. But the actual day of Halloween, Oct. 31, is officially around the corner. That means it's about time for Halloween lovers to get their costumes ready.

Whether you're trick-or-treating or gearing up for a Halloween party, there's nothing more fun in the month of October than dressing up as something spooky and/or fun!

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But if you're getting started late or just have no ideas, we've got you covered. The internet has plenty of memes that provide the perfect inspiration for your next Halloween costume. Whether you want to dress up as a popular character from the latest shows and movies or simply want to get creative with the internet's favorite memes, there's bound to be a costume here to pique your interest.

Here are some of our favorite meme Halloween costumes.

Halloween trick-or-treat-pumpkin bucket.
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The scariest monster of all is depression.

There are several Ben Affleck reaction images that sit right on the border between super relatable and outright depressing. If you're looking to dress up as the oft-troubled actor outside of buying full-on Batman armor, you can always take up a fake cigarette, grab some Dunkin', and go for a whole "tired-and-disheveled" vibe to capture the true essence of Sad Ben.

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There's always the Kevin James meme you can turn to for costume inspiration.

The Kevin James meme not only had the internet rolling but it also serves as some serious inspiration for Halloween. Plaid button up, jeans, and a mean side smile, check!

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Wendy Williams has always been one to inspire.

Wendy Williams fainting in front of a live studio audience wasn't only scary, but it also left fans quite worried about her condition. Thankfully, it wasn't anything too serious (she overheated and was low on electrolytes, per CNN) which is why the moment has landed as a memorable meme anyone can use for some Halloween costume inspiration.

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Bring back the fanny pack with The Rock's old school '90s look.

Considering adding a splash of '90s into your Halloween costume this year? Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson's infamous turtleneck and fanny pack look will definitely turn heads. And if you're able to get your hands on an AC Slater-inspired wig, your costume will be on point!

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Tiffany Pollard, but from her 'I Love New York' days.

Tiffany Pollard's outfit may not be hard to pull off but its the facial expression you'll need to work on if you want your costume to resemble that of the reality TV star from her I Love New York days. Good luck trying!

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A unique kind of 'LotR' costume.

The only things more memorable than the original Lord of the Rings trilogy are the hilarious interviews from the cast and crew. Why not try dressing up with a friend or partner as some of your favorite awkward one-on-ones with the classic fantasy film franchise?

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A somewhat obscure 'Scooby-Doo' reference.

In the 2004 film Scooby-Doo 2: Monsters Unleashed, Shaggy (Matthew Lillard) takes a potion that alters his body drastically. At one point, his body changes to that of a woman's.

This Tiktoker took it upon herself to use that as inspiration for her own costume. A user on Twitter even took the idea a step further, suggesting that couples dress up as female Shaggy and Buff Shaggy, another transformation that Shaggy undergoes in the film.

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This costume was blacklisted on eBay.

With Jeffrey Dahmer Season in full swing this Halloween, plenty of people are likely considering dressing up as the infamous serial killer. But reactions to these costumes have been so divisive that eBay has reportedly banned the sale of Dahmer costumes on the internet.

The man himself may have become more of a meme this year, but not everyone finds the joke all that funny.

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Should you go as the Ghost of Halloweens Past?

The only thing more fun than actual scary movies is the family-friendly Halloween films that we '90s kids grew up with. That means movies like Halloweentown.

To that end, former star Kimberly J. Brown tugged on all of our nostalgia when she dressed up as her character from the movie. Who wouldn't want to dress up Marnie Piper after seeing that?

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