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The Movie Adaption of Broadway's 'Cats' Sounds Like a Crazy Person Wrote It


If you ever watched TV in the late '80s and '90s, especially in the greater NYC area, you've probably seen a commercial with some orchestrated music about some nerds dancing around in skintight cat suits. Cats was a smash hit on the stage and the longest running Broadway show at one time. It's since been bested by another cat play, The Lion King; Chicago, which is about Richard Gere and fishnet stockings if I remember correctly; and The Phantom of the Opera, a play about a goth who lives in a sewer and obsesses over some chick who's grossed out by him.

Recently, probably because more reboots and adaptations are being developed in Hollywood than ever before, it's been announced that a Cats movie adaptation is in the works.

And details on the film reveals it's utterly psychotic.

Source: twitter

One of the weirdest pieces of news regarding the musical is that the actors won't be rocking the leotards and unitards lifted straight from a Jazzercise class. Instead, they'll be transformed into CGI cats.

And those cats will be cat-sized, not the giant furries that sang and tumbled about on stage during the old-school production.