11 Celebrities Who Were Canceled in 2020 and Still Haven't Fully Recovered

2020 seems like a year that you could only write, and that includes the cancellations of some celebrities most people wouldn't suspect.

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Jan. 5 2021, Updated 9:24 a.m. ET

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If you're a public figure or have attained any significant level of success, in whatever field, there's going to be a person or two or million who will take offense to something you have said or done at some point in your life. And that person or group of people will come after you and attempt to get you "canceled." The term is thrown around on Twitter like a sniffling kid accosting adults at a party asking if they have games on their phone, which has some interesting "cancellation implications."

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Those implications being the distinction between "soft" and "hard" cancellations. "Soft" ones are basically large groups of people deciding you're guilty until you've been proven innocent of said cancellations. A big example of this could be the controversy surrounding Doja Cat where throngs of people said she was racist and partook in racist discussions with folks online, despite there not being any evidence that she did.

Still, Doja was considered "over" by some, even well after folks who frequented the same forum as Doja said she never partook in racist conversations. The "cancellation" did little to hurt Doja's career, she was named Google's top trending artist of 2020, and her album, "Hot Pink" went certified gold moving some 500,000 equivalent units since its November 7, 2019 release date.

But there were some popular folks who were "hard canceled" in 2020 and it looks like there are still some unsavory, persistent, widespread adverse feelings to these individuals well after the initial "cancellation calls" began. Here are some notable entries for the year of 'Rona.

Ellen DeGeneres.

ellen michelle
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It's nuts to think that the happy-go-lucky-always-dancing-feel-good daytime TV show talk host with a penchant for featuring positive stories would be found guilty of fostering a "toxic" workplace environment. Even though the program returned in September of 2020, many speculate the COVID-19 delays of the program in 2021 are really a concentrated effort from Warner Bros. in keeping Ellen off the air as much as they can.

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Hilaria Baldwin.

Alec Baldwin's wife made headlines when she pretended to be on Spanish descent, going so far as to speak with an accent and forgetting the word for cucumber. She's a native of Boston and went to high school there, but maintains that she moved from Spain when she was 19.

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Lea Michele.

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Source: Twitter

While the original tweet from Samantha Marie Ware has been deleted, many people finally had their suspicions about Lea Michele "confirmed" when the Glee co-star accused Lea of making her life on set a "living hell."

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Chris Pratt.

It's nuts to think that the darling of Parks and Recreation, who ended up transmogrifying himself from the lovable, cuddly comic relief to the muscular, lovable comic relief in Marvel's first big "gamble" that paid off with Guardians of the Galaxy, is now Hollywood's "Worst Chris." People have accused Chris of being homophobic after the Church he attends is reportedly anti-LGBTQ+. Pratt's denied that this is the case, but fans seem to still have turned their backs on him, especially once allegations that he was a Donald Trump supporter began making the rounds on the internet.

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J.K. Rowling.

It all started when J.K. Rowling was accused of being transphobic for stating that folks were unfairly vilifying a female researcher who expressed her opinion that a human being's sex cannot be changed. Then she received more backlash for making the serial killer in her book a cross-dresser. Even though several people have pointed out the fictional killer seems to be based on real life individuals, that hasn't stopped people from canceling Rowling. Tweets like the one above, also, don't help either.

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Shane Dawson.

shane dawson blackface
Source: YouTube

The insanely popular YouTuber has been canceled for a litany of different things, but in 2020 attention was called yet again to past videos where the e-personality participated in Blackface and told jokes about pedophilia. He apologized for both, and still has a ton of followers on YouTube, but people really don't seem to like the man anymore.

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Bryan Adams.

People were upset that the "Sumer of '69" singer wrote a song called "Cuts Like a Knife" that included lyrics about the supposed origins of the COVID-19 virus stemming from Chinese wet markets. Many labeled the song as racist because he echoed major news stories that suggested the coronavirus may have begun in these markets, even if its Wuhan origins are still a mystery to this day.

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Abby Lee Miller.

The Dance Moms personality and dancing instructor reportedly made racist comments in the past according to Adriana Smith, mother of child dancer Kamryn Smith. Adriana said that while filming the 8th season of the show, Abby had stated that the only reason Kamryn was there was because the producers wanted a "sprinkle of color." She also made comments about Adriana coming from "the hood" while she grew up in a Country Club.

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Lana Del Rey.

The "Brooklyn Baby" singer responded to criticisms that she glamorized abuse against women and didn't write songs that empowered them by pointing to a bunch of other artists like Doja Cat, Beyonce, Ariana Grande, Kehlani, Nicki Minaj, and Camila Cabello all had hit songs "about being sexy, wearing no clothes, f***ing, cheating, etc...". She said that because she writes songs about being in love in "imperfect relationships" shouldn't get her "crucified." But people wanted to go and cancel Lana anyway.

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Jimmy Fallon.

In 2000, Jimmy appeared in blackface as Chris Rock, doing a Chris Rock impersonation. When clips of the moment began surfacing online, the late-night talk show host immediately apologized, and folks still came after him even though both Chris Rock and Jamie Foxx came to his defense.

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Vanessa Hudgens.

During the height of the COVID-19 pandemic with lockdown orders in full effect, Hudgens went on an Instagram live and said some things that angered many viewers: "...people are going to die, which is terrible but like, inevitable?" Many thought her comments were insensitive and although the actress apologized online, many folks weren't quick to forgive the Coachella-loving star.

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