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Source: AMC

15 Celebrities With Amazing Hidden Talents


The fact that your favorite celebs are talented shouldn't escape you — how else did they get famous? But a few stars are so ridiculously skilled, they could easily be known for something entirely different from the skill that put them on the map. Here are 15 celebrities with some prodigious talents up their sleeves.

1. Terry Crews

Source: Twitter

Terry Crews might make his paycheck being a TV host and comedic actor, but those abilities merely scratch the surface of what he's capable of. Clearly he was at one point a gifted athlete, since his talents brought him to the NFL. But the 50-year old has heaps of artistic abilitt. In fact, he worked for a time as a courtroom sketch artist. From time to time, he shares his work on Instagram. And as if that wasn't enough talent for ya, Terry also plays the flute!