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Source: Imgur

Fine Art Student Shares Censored Textbook Illustrations From Christian College


Art censorship is a serious issue. People have different ideas of what is "offensive," and often that leads to valuable and important works of art being altered or destroyed for the sake of political correctness or "protecting" people. 

I had pretty much thought we had moved past giggling at the nudity found in a lot of classical Renaissance art. Sure, when I was 10, I thought paintings of naked people were kind of funny, but then I grew up, I stopped over-sexualizing the human body, and I took an art history class where I learned how incredibly impactful Renaissance art was not only on the history of art but on the history of humanity. 

Apparently, not everyone sees it that way. A student at Pensacola Christian College, a fundamentalist Baptist school in Florida, recently shared photos from an art textbook they found in the school's library. Some of the most famous and significant classical paintings in all of history had huge chunks of them covered in black Sharpie. The school had censored any sign of nudity whatsoever. Get ready to be appalled.

This is the book the student found.

Source: Imgur

First of all, it is an Eyewitness book. Remember those? They are made for children. Clearly, the people who made this book understood the value of the paintings shared in the book's pages and thought even small children could handle a little nudity. Because it's history. But you can see that even one of the paintings on the cover (in the bottom right corner) has been completely blacked out.