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Chase Stokes Is Being Called out for Posts He Says He Never Wrote



Let's start with this before getting into the story: We should always take cancel hashtags with a grain of salt. It's not uncommon for them to be created just because someone is bored, as was the case with Tom Holland's recent cancellation. However, that doesn't mean that sometimes there are things that are unearthed from the hashtag that might be a little questionable. Case in point, #ChaseStokesIsOverParty unearthed a few things that have people a little disappointed. 

#ChaseStokesIsOverParty took off when Chase Stokes addressed #ChaseStokesIsOverParty.

What's come out of the #ChaseStokesIsOverParty hashtag has been quite a whirlwind. First off, if you were to go on Chase's Twitter right now, you'll find two tweets. "Yo just getting back into twitter. My password was changed, figuring things out. I’m really sorry that this is all happening at once," and, "Somebody obviously got access to my account. So I’m trying to solve this."

If that sounds feasible and understandable, well, it's because it would be if he had simply been hacked this afternoon. Except earlier today, May 18, he issued an apology on his Twitter account, via the notes app, which read: 

"Yes. I will address this. I was not hiding. I consulted in one of my closest friends just as anybody else would. I have posted insensitive tweets. My Facebook has been hacked countless times. The picture isn't even of me or anybody else I know. Again, I am incredibly sorry. I really am. I hope you guys see what I am currently doing and how I am continuing to do the right thing by being respectful in today's climate. This does not excuse my words, nor am I excusing myself. I will continue to work towards my platform in the same capacity I have been and doing/bringing light to the world."
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The tweet has since been removed, along with every other tweet on Chase's account, which seems to suggest that this apology was also tweeted while he was "hacked". But why did he have to issue an apology — or why did his hacker issue an apology on his behalf?

Chase has been accused of using racist, homophobic, psychophobic, and fat phobic language.

By the initial apology, Chase, or his supposed hacker, claims that he's been hacked many times over the years. Which, according to him, is what led to posts like the ones below. 

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Though these posts are not recent, others noted that, just recently, he commented on Instagram perpetuating the false and racist myth that Chinese people eating bats caused the novel coronavirus.

Following the posts being spread, Chase contacted some of those who had shared them or who had taken part in the conversation around them. In one case, the 27-year-old contacted a 16-year-old Twitter user to say that her words against him were "equally hurtful" to the posts he made. Or didn't make? Or was he hacked when he contacted her? We're gonna need a timeline of the hacking, Chase.

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