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Source: Twitter

People Are Freaking Out Over 'Influencers' Taking Pics of Themselves at Chernobyl


HBO's Chernobyl miniseries is a stark, affecting portrayal of the 1986 tragedy. The popular show has reignited interest in the story... maybe a little too much. It seems that people are flocking to the actual Zone of Exclusion, not just to learn more about the catastrophe, but also to, well, take sexy pictures of themselves and post them on Instagram. 

Are you surprised? Because I'm not. Influencers often exploit the trends of the day, no matter what they are, to get more likes.

But there's more to this story that might not be evident at first glance. Twitter user Bruno Zupan was one of the first to bring attention to these "influencer" photos, posting several screenshots in a tweet that went completely viral. 

Source: Twitter