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Source: twitter

Fans Noticed Keanu Reeves Does the Same Thing with Every Female Fan He Poses With


Love for Keanu Reeves is reaching an all-time fever pitch. John Wick 3 made a ton of money and is receiving heaps of critical praise as well. The Matrix star also has a featured part in Toy Story 4, and let's not forget about the most excellent Bill & Ted Face the Music, which is set to hit theaters in the summer of 2020.

People just don't love Keanu for the movies he acts in, however, but for how he composes himself off-screen as well.

There are tons of examples of why Keanu's such an amazing human being floating all over the internet. It seems like everyone and their mother has had a Keanu encounter that can only be described as the height of purity. OK, that's a little highfalutin, but seriously, this guy is just so wholesome that it hurts.

And this series of photos oft Keanu posing with fans only furthers that "ultimate good guy" narrative.

You ever hear of "hover hands"? The name's pretty self-explanatory and there are several pictures of dudes demonstrating the technique on Reddit. there's actually an entire subreddit dedicated to the phenomenon.

A lot of hover-hand photos are ridiculed for being awkward and weird-looking, and tons of Keanu fans out there have noticed he's a hover-hander himself.