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Source: NBC

Casey Just Brought up His Murdered Fiancée on 'Chicago Fire', and Now We're Crying


It’s been nearly seven seasons since Matthew Casey lost his fiancée, Hallie Thomas, on Chicago Fire, but fans were reminded of the shocking death on the Oct. 30 episode during a conversation between the captain and a new firefighter at Firehouse 51.

How did Casey’s fiancée die on Chicago Fire?

While counseling his colleague, Casey mentioned Hallie’s untimely demise, which took place in Season 1, Episode 22. Viewers may recall that the physician was initially believed to have been killed in a fire at the clinic, but it was later determined that she had been hit in the back of the head before the blaze started.

Casey comes to find out that Timothy Campbell murdered Hallie after she accidentally stumbled across a drug trafficking hub operating within the clinic. The fire was set to cover up the killing.