Couple Figures Out Imbalance in Fry Sizes at Chick-fil-A: "You're Not Prepared for This"

Chrissy Bobic - Author

Jul. 7 2023, Published 9:17 a.m. ET

It's the age old question: how many more fries are you really getting from your favorite fast food establishment if you upgrade the size? And, it seems, the answer is always a disappointment. Now, one couple on TikTok further proved a fast food fry imbalance when they shared a Chick-fil-A fry scam. Or, at least what appears to be something of a scam when it comes to the fry sizes and how much you get.

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A TikTok user by the name of @Hellojennawood and someone who appears to be her partner shared a video comparing the different sizes of fries they purchased from Chick-fil-A, from the kids' meal size to large.

The difference between what you get with each size is staggeringly low. Or even, dare I say, nearly nonexistent. I know, if it isn't bad enough that the place is closed on Sundays, now we find out they're depriving us of as many waffle fries as we deserve.

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A couple points out a Chick-fil-A fry scam in their video.

It's common these days for fast food patrons to compare different cartons of french fries and point out how a medium fry serving may, in fact, contain the same amount as a large one.

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The main difference is a slight change in the shape of the container to make one size appear larger. The TikTok users count out 12 waffle fries in their kids' meal size fry serving and 10, plus a sprinkling of fry fragments, in the medium size.

If that isn't enough to sour you on Chick-fil-A's fry portions, the large is an even bigger disappointment, according to the users. They tested out the servings in what they call "FryGate." They count out how many waffle fries come in the large at Chick-fil-A and find that it has just a couple more fries than the other servings.

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"We've always had a sneaky suspicion that no matter what size fry you get, you have the same amount of fries every time at Chick-fil-A," the TikTok video says. Later in the video, the user says, "That's so not worth it," in regards to the couple extra fries in a large sized serving. And I'm inclined to agree with her, TBH.

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Chick-fil-A fry sizes may be more even if weighed out.

But to be fair, the sizes for Chick-fil-A specifically may rely on weight rather than the cardboard container they each come in. According to some of the comments on the TikTok video, Chick-fil-A employees weigh the fries before they place them in their individual sleeves and give them to the customer.

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If that's the case, though, it still doesn't quite explain why there are multiple waffle fries of the same sizes in both the kids' size and the medium fries in the video. And it definitely doesn't explain why the large fry serving at Chick-fil-A seems to have just a couple more fries in it.

Comments suggest that Chick-fil-A fry containers are never filled enough.

Although FryGate is definitely a thing, as evidenced by the TikTok video, comments under it suggest that Chick-fil-A french fry portions are known to be under-filled. Though as one user puts it, "Potatoes are so cheap. Fries should be like 50 cents." I mean, what a world that would be.

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Another comment said that Chick-fil-A "never gives you the 'extra bottom of the bag' fries." A user agreed, "they give you waffle crumbs most of the time," which is something we see in the TikTok video too.

Look, at the end of the day we're all still ordering our Chick-fil-A nugget meals with extra Chick-fil-A sauce on the side. But those meals would be a whole lot cooler if the fries were substantial.

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