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Source: DOUYU

'Beautiful' Chinese Streamer Who Got Men to Donate $15,000 Is Actually Middle-Aged Woman With Filter


Live streaming has grown in popularity in recent years, whether it's video games on Twitch or beauty gurus on YouTube. And despite both of those popular streaming sites being banned by China's great firewall, live streaming is just as popular in the secretive nation. 

On Douyu, one of China's most popular streaming services, people stream themselves daily. One of those streamers is Your Highness Qiao Biluo, who until recently, was believed to be an attractive young woman by the 100,000 people who followed her on the platform. 

But a technical glitch during her most recent stream revealed that she was actually a middle-aged woman using a filter according to the BBC.  

Source: DOUYU

Qiao Biluo is seen right, after her filter stopped working. Qingzi, who Biluo had been streaming with, is seen on the left.