Chris Crocker Went Viral for Defending Britney Spears, but Where Are They Now?


Jun. 25 2021, Published 11:32 a.m. ET

The movement to free Britney Spears from her conservatorship has only gained steam in recent days, as Britney has testified in court about what it's felt like to be controlled for all this time. As sympathy for the pop star has continued to grow, many are also reminiscing about the stories around Britney from her time as a tabloid darling. Recently, that focus turned to Chris Crocker, who went viral for a video defending Britney.

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Who is Chris Crocker?

Chris Crocker had a moment of fame more than a decade ago when they uploaded a video to YouTube called "Leave Britney Alone". The video went viral for after Chris defended Britney, and insisted that the tabloids stop harassing her.

Chris' video went viral, and was credited with being one of the site's first big videos. In the years since it was posted, Chris' argument has only become more popular.