So, Why Is Twitter Canceling Chris Evans Now?

Jacqueline Gualtieri - Author

May 21 2020, Updated 10:12 p.m. ET

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In today's episode of, "Who's Being Canceled Now," we bring you Chris Evans. It's May 21 and we've seen cancellations of Cole Sprouse and Tom Holland as well as the entire streaming service Prime Video. So, what gives? Why is it Chris' turn to be "canceled"?

Well, according to Twitter, Chris Evans is a zionist. Read on for what exactly that means and why people are calling for his cancellation because of it.

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Twitter is claiming that Chris Evans is a zionist.

The claims that Chris Evans is a zionist are not new. For a little background, let's start with the definition. What is a zionist? According to the Encyclopedia Britannica, zionists are followers of zionism, which is the "Jewish nationalist movement that has had as its goal the creation and support of a Jewish national state in Palestine."

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It's, of course, a highly controversial topic as the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict has been going on since the 1940s. So how did Chris Evans get dragged into this? 

The rumors that Chris is a zionist started in 2019. They stem from his involvement in the film The Red Sea Diving Resort, which tells a fictionalized story of a real-life rescue mission of Ethiopian Jews by Israeli Mossad agents. Chris played one of the agents.

The film was widely panned as a pro-Israel movie with a "white savior complex." Variety offered the scathing critique that "it's impossible to ignore how badly the film marginalizes the courageous Ethiopian refugees about whom it purports to care so deeply" and that the film is focused through the "lens of Israeli heroism."

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For taking part in the film, he was dubbed a zionist by many on Twitter, which also brought up other issues. The main one that was cited was that he's "homophobic". The reasoning behind that argument is that he accidentally outed his brother publically during an interview with The Advocate

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Following the interview, Chris's brother, Scott, said that he was out as gay personally at the age of 19, but he wasn't yet out professionally. According to Scott, Chris got a lot of flak for it from family and friends and he called Scott concerned that he upset him, but Scott assured him he wasn't upset about it. He said that he was glad Chris was comfortable talking about the fact that he has a gay brother.

For the record, Chris and Scott are currently quarantined together, so we can't help but think their relationship is pretty fine.

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The group that "canceled" Tom Holland and Cole Sprouse are being accused of "canceling" Chris.

Earlier in May, we reported on the cancellation of Tom Holland, who was being canceled for no reason. We were later contacted by a group of Brad Pitt fans who had gotten #TomHollandIsOverParty trending in order to spread their Brad Pitt fancams. They also informed us that they got #ColeSprouseIsOverParty trending as well. 

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Twitter users are now pretty aware of what's up...and the Brad Pitt stans really don't mind them knowing. 

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That being said, now that Twitter users know it's Brad Pitt fans doing the canceling, some have come out to show that perhaps Brad is the one who should be canceled and that he's a zionist himself.

Anyways....we're gonna go watch Knives Out.

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