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10 Brand New Christmas Movies to Watch... and 10 You Should Skip


December is a month for curling up in your PJs on the couch with a cup of hot cocoa and a rotating carousel of cheesy Christmas movies. But between all the streaming services and the fare from TV Christmas movie giants Hallmark and Lifetime, there are nearly 100 brand new Christmas movies to watch. And only about 80 of them are about a ball-busting professional woman who gets stuck in a small, magical Christmas town and falls in love with the lumberjack who also happens to be the son of the real Santa Claus. 

Here are 10 new Christmas movies that are worth your time and 10 that, even with the low standards of the TV Christmas movie, you will probably want to skip.

WATCH: 'Noelle' (Disney Plus)

Source: Disney Plus

One of the first original releases on Disney Plus, Noelle is the cheery, silly story of the deceased Santa's daughter, played by an ever-plucky Anna Kendrick, traveling south to find her brother (Bill Hader — yes, that Bill Hader), who ran away when Santa's responsibilities proved to be too much for him. The movie is chock full of jokes about how Anna Kendrick doesn't understand life outside the North Pole, and honestly, that's all it needs. They got me every time!