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Break the Ice at Your Holiday Party With These Festive Memes



With the holiday season in full swing, there's no doubt in my mind you're preparing to attend a Christmas party or three. And whether you're partying with your friends or sipping hot toddy's alongside each and every one of your co-workers, these Christmas party memes are bound to be incredibly relatable. 

These Christmas party memes will keep you feeling jolly all season long.

1. Because sometimes, things get embarrassing

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Hopefully it's on a Friday, though, and you won't have to face your co-workers until Monday.

2. Maybe you're the one bringing the holiday spirit

Wow! Everyone's going to think you're so fun and silly for doing that!

3. And we all know things can get out of hand

Just don't make a scene in front of the CEO, and everything's going to be fine.

4. But really, requesting that the DJ play Mariah is inevitable

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A) I don't care how early in December it is, and B) if I don't hear my boss chime in during the chorus, I'm staying home the rest of the week.

5. Sometimes, though, you might rather just stay home

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Make sure your co-workers believe it, though — you don't want to look like a party pooper.

6. Waiting around for your work wife to show up is the worst feeling ever

"OK it's been five minutes... act natural."

7. And you might really just be waiting for that Christmas bonus

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Because really, it's why we all show up.

8. And everyone knows nothing is more dangerous than a sharp candy cane

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The heart wants what the heart wants... and that's really just Jimmy John's.

9. You might end up being the real champ of your office holiday party

Get ready to show your co-workers a totally different side of you.

10. Preparing for the month of December to ruin your body like:

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Dear liver, dear brain cells, dear body... I'm so sorry.

11. Drinking wine at the holiday party can be a dangerous game

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Oh, you're drinking pinot noir tonight? Didn't realize it was THAT kind of night...

12. Seriously, office Christmas parties can spill some major tea

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Things are about to get really, really rowdy. Just don't do something you'll regret at the meeting tomorrow morning.

13. Oh, and don't tell nana...

It's not that the sweater was ugly, grandma... it was festive!

14. Let's face it: Drinkmas gets stressful

That feeling when you don't know the rules to Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer and everyone at the party is simultaneously shouting the rules at you.

15. Because end of the year parties really get you reflecting...

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This is presumably something all your colleagues will be able to relate to at the office Christmas party — that is — except for that one guy who never seems to actually be doing any work. 

16. Fix the damage before it's done

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Yes, this means you'll even have to be nice to Karen from accounting.

17. Things go South when your family talks politics at the holiday party

Yeah, I'll need like three more drinks, please.

18. And if your office isn't doing an open bar this year, here's why:

OK, hopefully you weren't THAT bad.


The office Christmas party is generally a strange time, but these are bound to break the ice. Just don't embarrass yourself too much... or else Susan from the front desk is bound to give you a hard time on Monday.

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